I just wrote a post today about the Mandarin being the rumored main villain in the up coming Iron Man 3. That still stands, but some leaked set photo’s have revealed a new baddie that will pop up in the film. It’s confirmed that Iron Patriot will be in the movie. What is odd is that in the comics Iron Patriot was Norman Osborn, since his character is still owned by Sony and not Marvel, then I’m sure Iron Patriot will be someone else. It was confirmed that Coldblood/Eric Salvin will be in the movie, so maybe Salvin will be Iron Patriot. I think the real question is what will he be doing in the film? First reports said the film was based off Extremis comic book story line. With more and more info coming out, it seems the film is stepping away from that storyline a little bit. One thing we know for sure, Robert Downey Jr. is still Iron Man and that is a good thing.