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The villain count for this movie is really starting to rise. We know Bane and Catwoman are in it. We know Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul will at least be in a flash back. Now more rumors of other villains keep popping up around the internet. Insiders claim that Scarecrow has been seen on one of the sets. This wouldn’t surprise me Cillian Murphy did a great job in Batman Begins with the limited screen time he had. Then his one scene at the beginning of The Dark Knight really helped the film feel like a comic book movie. My question is would Scarecrow have a major part in the plot or again would just have a cameo? This is Nolan’s last Batman film and so throwing everything into the pot would make sense. It also seems clear that in the movie Bane looks like he wants to destroy the entire city. Why not get help from other super villains. Other rumors have said that another villain could show up. Now these are not as clear as the Scarecrow reports. The rumors have been all over the place, from Calender Man, which that one doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’ve also read that Two-Face would come back. Now I like the idea of that. My only problem with The Dark Knight… (SPOILERS)… I never liked that Two-Face died from the fall at the end. That didn’t work for me. So if they could go back and have it that they simply placed Two-Face in Arkham, I’d like that idea. But I have to admit if all of these characters are in the movie… Well Batman might only have like five minutes of screen time. So will see what happens.

Rumors a month ago stated Neeson would not be returning for Nolan’s third Batman film. Either claiming Ras Al Ghul would not return or that his schedule just didn’t allow him to. Well those rumors have been shot down. It seems Neeson just finished shooting for Dark Knight Rises where he is playing Ras Al Ghul again. Now this doesn’t exactly mean the villain will return to threaten Gotham with another plan involving a train. No most likely this scene he shot will be a flash back. It seems the plot of the film follows Ras’s daughter Talia who has taken the reigns of the League of Shadows and with the help of Bane plans to destroy Batman and Gotham. This is all good news and it shows that Nolan plans to pretty much wrap things up for this film. I for one am excited to see how this will all end.

Batman is hands down one of the most popular comic book characters and most popular pop culture icon. As Nolan works on his final piece of his Batman film the studio is already planning on future films. The studio basically plans on rebooting the franchise but threw out this “But Nolan will watch over the project”. That is nonsense, even if Nolan produces his presence will be minimal. I think rebooting the franchise after Dark Knight Rises is frankly a horrible idea. I know many are waiting to see how the Spider-man reboot will do domestically. Are people ready for reboots of franchises that ended only a couple years ago? Personally I think reboots are stupid ad pointless. I prefer sequels like what they did with Tron. Rebooting Batman might mean we have to sit through another origin story. Batman Begins worked because frankly on film we never really saw Bruce Wayne’s origin. Now that we have and Begins is a film a lot of people remember, why would you reboot? Why not just make sequels of Nolan’s films. Just small tweaks like adding a science fiction element which would allow many more of Batman’s rogue gallery to be seen on film. I think it’s very possible to have Nolan’s “real world” gritty vibe mixed with comic book science fiction. I’d like to see Clayface, Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy with a darker tone. So come on WB don’t reboot! Give us characters we haven’t seen before. I feel like this movie is a cop out just to bring The Joker out again on screen.

Nolan has made statements that after The Dark Knight Rises he plans to make a Howard Hughes biopic. He originally wanted to make one years ago until Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator came out. Then he moves on but since it’s been a little while since that movie came out he’s jumping back on to the project. This news makes me shrug because after the next Batman film I was hoping he’d stick with science fiction, or for some reason I really wanted him to do a noir cop film. Another Howard Hughes movie would feel very been there, done that. Even though Nolan claims his film would be based on a book that focused on Hughes later years in life when his paranoia and odd actions were at there prime. The Aviator focused on Hughes’s early years in film making and life in general and only lightly focused on the days where he would sit in a room and pee into jars. Still kind of a let down to know Nolan’s focus will only be on another Hughes movie.

It’s been slow in movie news (besides Superman) so I decided to put the debate in place that is it possible Tom Hardy’s Bane and Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman can impress audiences after Heath Ledger’s Joker? Now to be clear it hasn’t been confirmed Hathaway will actually be Catwoman. She’s playing Selina Kyle officially. Now with Nolan behind the camera I have total faith. Batman Begins in my opinion had great villains. Scarecrow was done very well in the most realistic way possible and I loved Liam Neeson’s Ras Al Guhl. Heath Ledger’s Joker though in the Dark Knight scared the shit out of people. He was something everyone feared, a man who first off doesn’t care about his own life, yet all he wants to do is kill and create chaos. His character was everything that scares us about terrorism. Ledger’s performance was a home run and the ending was perfect between him and Batman.

Tom Hardy is a great actor, most audiences know him from his charming character in Inception. Go rent or buy the film Bronson and see what this guy can do. He is perfect for Bane. A lot of people rolled their eyes at the thought of Bane being in the movie but that’s because they remember the character from Batman and Robin. They portrayed him as a one note monster, just repeating lines and sounding like Frankenstein. In the comics Bane was a beast but also very smart and had a boner to hunt down Batman. In the comics he broke Batman’s freaking back! With Hardy and a true version of the character, Bane should be a stand out villain for the franchise.

Anne Hathaway is just one of the best actresses out there hands down. A brilliant female villain is just necessary for the franchise. Rachel Dawes was the only female character in the first two films. Sure she was more important to the plot in the second movie, but over all her character did not have a lot of screen time. Selina Kyle is a fantastic character and Catwoman is a balancing force for Batman. Nolan could make this work. I still feel like Catwoman won’t show up in The Dark Knight Rises, I think it’s a fake, but will see.

Comparing these characters to the Joker is pointless. His character is hard not to enjoy, a villain who doesn’t care and just does whatever he wants is just plain fun to watch. Bane and Catwoman are not like this. They are not about chaos. Bane is about power. Catwoman is straight about sex and lust. I feel bad for Hardy and Hathaway because they will be judged by Ledger’s performance. The comparison will be unfair and unavoidable though. I feel like Nolan picked these villains for a reason. They are the exact opposite of the Joker. Many thought the next baddie would be the Riddler. That character is just too similar to the Joker, as our many bad guys. Also the Joker is not a physical match for Batman, in the film he needed hostages, henchmen and dogs to even slow Batman down. Bane is stronger and better than Batman in every way. This isn’t about fighting random chaos his is about stopping fury that is coming right at you. So sure will people say “Not as good as the Joker”, you bet they will. Still look at the villain choices through the three films and what they will represent and I think most will be very impressed and satisfied.

Superman 1 and 2 are great movies, corny but great movies. The next couple of movies were horrible and corny. Then WB spent decades screwing up ways to make Superman. At one point Nick Cage was Superman and at another point Superman was going to wear all black and be “hip”. Thankfully Bryan Singer left X-men 3 to make Superman Returns. The film was basically a huge homage to Donner’s first film. Problem is we’ve all seen that film and super hero movies these days need one major thing: Action. Returns needed action scenes and they just didn’t have it. Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor was great but not enough. So the movie did well in the box office but not good enough to green light a sequel. The best thing about Returns was Brandon Routh who played Kent and Supes. He was charming and just rocked the role.

Now WB is remaking the series once again with Christopher Nolan lightly behind the production and Zach Snyder behind the camera. I assumed production would move at a slow pace, but out of the blue Superman has been cast. This guy Henry Cavill who looks the part has got it. I feel bad for Routh who I really loved as Supes but I understand they needed to go in another direction. Cavill has been seen in the show the Tudors, I’ve never seen it and frankly the only other thing I know him from was his small role in Stardust. Lets hope the guy can rock the role, he’s been up for a lot of big parts but lost them all. Rumor is he was almost James Bond until producers came to their senses and casted Daniel Craig. Snyder needs to make sure his visual style doesn’t change the image of the big blue guy. His movies can come off like video games and that would be horrible for iconic super hero. They need to mix in Luther and another villain like Brianiac or Doomsday. They need to give us big time action. I always had an idea for a Superman movie which would start with Luther running a huge military technology firm and creating Metallo. That would be a good start.

Oscar Nominations = Let down

So the Oscar nominations were announced and across the board they were kind of a let down. I almost have problems across the board with the nominations. Let me get this off my chest, I already know The Social Network will win most of the awards. I feel most people know this and I expect ratings to drop because of it. The Globes ratings rose because of their host, Ricky Gervais. The Social Network was a very good movie, but does not deserve everything it’s winning. I believe these awards shows believe the “Young generation” have some connection to The Social Network and awarding it dozens of awards will connect these shows with the internet generation. It’s just not happening, most people think the movie is “alright” and not brilliant. Anyway here is the list of nominations and I’ve added my thoughts to a couple of them.

Actor in a Lead Role:

Javier Bardem – Biutiful

Jeff Bridges – True Grit

Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network

Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

James Franco – 127 Hours

– I have no real issue with this group. If they were not going to nominate Mark Wahlberg then they should have given it to Christian Bale. I would also drop Eisenberg for Ryan Gosling for his performance in Blue Valentine. I also think it was pointless to nominate James Franco, since the dude is co-hosting I doubt he’ll win, even though I hope he does.

Actor in a Supporting Role:

-Christian Bale – The Fighter

John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone

Jeremy Renner – The Town

Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right

Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech

– Christian Bale should walk away with this award, Geoffrey Rush is a dark horse though. I dig this list.

Actress in a Leading Role:

Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right

Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole

Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone

Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine

– Natalie Portman will probably win but will see if her recent movie choices will sway voters to give it to Kidman or possibly Lawrence. Good list here but Hailee Steinfeld should have one of these spots… I’ll get to that in a second.

Actress in a Supporting Role:

– Amy Adams – The Fighter

Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech

Melissa Leo – The Fighter

Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit

Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom

– So it should go to Adams or Leo or Carter. It could go to Steinfeld but I have a serious problem with her being nominated for best supporting actress here. She was in every scene of True Grit. If anything Jeff Bridges was supporting her role. So having her placed here is a cop out and might take the award away from other great performances.

Animated Feature Film:

– How to Train Your Dragon

– The Illusionist

– Toy Story 3

Only three nominations here? What about Tangled? Toy Story 3 will win here and then instantly not stand a chance in the best picture category. Remember Up?

The list of course is longer but I’m skipping to the major awards…

Best Director:

– Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan

– David O. Russell – The Fighter

– Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech

– David Fincher – The Social Network

– Joel and Ethan Coen – True Grit

– All worthy nominations, but where is Christopher Nolan? The man made the most complex sci-fi movie ever and he gets ignored here. I thought the whole reason why they expanded best picture category because The Dark Knight got dissed. I love the Coen Brothers but they are not going to win. That slot should have went to Nolan. Fincher will win it but it’s for the wrong movie, he should have won the award for Zodiac.

Best Picture:

– Black Swan

– The Fighter

– Inception

– The Kids Are All Right

– The King’s Speech

– 127 Hours

– The Social Network

– Toy Story 3

– True Grit

– Winter’s Bone

– The Social Network will win this but it doesn’t deserve it, I’d give it to Inception or The King’s Speech. The Fighter is also worthy of the award but I don’t think it will win.

So I have a bigger problem with the awards and it has to do with what I think is a huge snub. Tron: Legacy, I know it’s a silly movie but the soundtrack by Daft Punk was the best of the year. The graphics were also amazing and yet the movie gets no attention. Oscars are the fail this year really but will see once it airs.

Rumors came up and were quickly shot down that a CGI rendered Joker would have a scene or two in Nolan’s third Batman film. I highly doubt that anything regarding the Joker will be in the film. Maybe a reference to what the character did in The Dark Knight, but that’s it. I believe Nolan has too much respect for Heath Ledger to do that. Also the Joker’s story line is finished, doing anything more would just be pointless. I think the Joker has joined the ranks of beloved villains like Boba Fett and Venom. Go online and you’ll see fans demanding to see these characters as much as possible. Many on Star Wars boards want a Boba Fett movie(Never going to happen), you see others when debating the Spider-man reboot call for Venom to be the villain in the first film(We already know it’s going to be the Lizard). I think people love the Joker character so much they simply want more. I look forward to the third Nolan Batman film and I trust it will be amazing since the first two were. I frankly am ready for them to move on from the Joker and focus on other characters.

Superman Rumors

So we know only a couple things about the upcoming Superman project, first we know Christopher Nolan is producing, that’s good. We also know Zack Snyder will be directing, that’s interesting. First I love Synder’s style and I really enjoyed his vision of Watchmen. Now some rumors about the story and casting have come out, who knows if they are true at all but they have been flowing around… So lets start with…

Plot rumors: Again no one knows if this is true, just a rumor but this is interesting. The rumor is that the film would start with Clark Kent trying to prove he can help the world without his powers. That he somehow feels that Superman is all that he is so he takes his reporting skills on the road…. That road being Africa. Kent goes to Africa to report on violence in that country. Then something happens to make him decide that Superman is needed in the world. I don’t know how I feel about this. Especially for a reboot of a franchise, I think this type of story line will isolate fans. Audiences won’t exactly understand. Unless the film opens with Superman doing something epic, and then deciding to put the red and blue aside to help in Africa. I don’t know, I really believe fans and audiences just want one thing… Superman kicking ass. Superman Returns was a great film, the problem was besides saving people from disasters Superman didn’t really do much. There was no super powered villain in it. The next film will need one. Lex Luthor can always be apart of the franchise. They also need a Brianiac or Doomsday as well. This is where the story line should go. I was a little worried about Nolan’s involvement in this franchise. He made Batman ultra realistic, that works for Batman, this will not at all work for Superman. The comics were always great when he was facing off against epic villains. So I say drop Africa unless it helps reveal a great super villain.

Cast: Now the rumors for who will play Superman are all over the board. Fans want Jon Hamm from Mad Men. I do as well, he’s awesome. Problem is I guess he’s older than what the studio wants. They like the idea of having a young guy come in and help them make several sequels after the reboot. That’s fine my problem is you have a perfect young Superman… Brandon Routh. He played Clark Kent and Superman perfectly in Superman Returns. Not exactly his fault that the film didn’t end up meeting expectations. He was great and they should have kept him on board for the reboot. Now when it comes to the love interest Lois Lane the one big rumor I’m in love with is Anne Hathaway is being sought for the role. That is just perfect, I mean she is perfect for that character, if that ends up happening my support for the film will jump up to a %100.

Is anyone surprised Bale doesn’t plan to do more than one more Batman film? I mean we all know Nolan is not coming back. Unless the WB can make some sort of deal to fund any movie he ever wants to make I don’t ever see him coming back. Bale for me has been the best Batman we’ve had but I’m sure someone else can fill his shoes. I’ve always loved this guy ever since I saw him as the pathetic white boy villain in the Sam Jackson Shaft film. From there he was in hands down the best dragon movie ever made in Reign Of Fire. So when Batman Begins was in pre-production and Nolan announced Bale would be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman I was thrilled. Many people have tried to make fun of him for the voice he uses as Batman and his general acting style, he has silenced all of these people with just giving performances film after film.

The departure of Nolan won’t be all bad, his trilogy will be a staple mark for comic book films from now on. Still a new take on Batman might not be too bad. Nolan’s ultra real vision of Batman eliminated some cool characters I know fans would love to see. In his Batman universe villains like Clay Face or Man Bat would never be possible. I still believe a super cool version of Mr. Freeze would be very possible. The problem is after the Dark Knight Rises whoever takes the reigns to make the next picture will have a lot of pressure on them to make a solid product. Who knows what will happen though maybe WB can lay down some sort of deal that could make both Bale and Nolan return. If not we should all just be thank full we got these movies and hopefully more great Batman films down the road.