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83rd Academy Award reaction

Last night was an Academy Awards that had a lot of good moments and a lot of, well weird moments. To me the right movies won, some great people won. Yet there were moments last night that made the Oscars look like a poor man’s Golden Globes. They tried to make them “fun” and “younger” but all of this lead it to be messy. The voters also I believe ruined the party the Oscars was planning on. This “younger” vibe they pushed I think was backed on the belief The Social Network would end up winning everything. Instead The King’s Speech basically stole the show and rocked the boat by winning not only a lot of awards but the big one’s including: Screen play, Director, Best Actor, Best Picture.

The biggest surprise was the hosts being as bad as they were. Well let me slow down, Anne Hathaway brought her charm and smile. James Franco frankly looked high the entire time, he also looked like he didn’t want to be there. So the entire show felt off balanced. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Oscars learned from this and bring back an older comedian. Besides that the show actually flowed quickly and went beat for beat. The montages worked very well but the main surprise I guess was the lack of surprise. The Oscars did it to themselves though by nominating people who won last year(Jeff Bridges, Coen Brothers). If Nolan and Inception had been in more nominations I think the race would have been tighter. Don’t talk to me about The Social Network losing that film is great and it won the awards it should have: Screenplay and Editing. Sadly the only thing people will really remember will be Melisso Leo tossing class out the window and cursing during the show, which doesn’t matter because ever since the 2004 Super Bowl everything is on tape delay. Still the Oscars probably enjoyed that because the show wanted to be “edgy” to get ratings. Still the show was different but yet the same somehow. So this will fade from memory soon and next year they will change it up because I’m sure this will look like a failure in the eyes of Hollywood.

So if I had to grade the show I would give it a…. B-…. Could have been a lot better. But serious congrats to The King’s Speech the right movie won the right awards.

People are generally stupid and a movie as horrible as the one that landed at the top spot is proof of that. With the Academy Awards ending last night you would have thought the nominated movies would make a push for the top spots. No instead a 3D silly animated movie bounced to number one spot. Gnomeo & Juliet moved back into the top spot which is obvious that kids really do control the box office sometimes. Two big surprises was the comedy Hall Pass landing in the second spot and the overly advertised Drive Angry landed in the ninth spot. This week confused me, now the number one movie only dropped to the third spot which was the film Unknown. Justin Bieber’s non-movie dropped to sixth but has made 62 million bucks. Nice to see though is Best Picture winning film The King’s Speech rose up in the ranks and has made almost 115 million dollars. Hopefully next week things will show that you know smart people go to the theaters.

1. Gnomeo & Juliet $14.2 million

2. Hall Pass $13.4 million

3. Unknown $12.4 million

4. Just Go With It $11.1 million

5. I Am Number Four $11 million

6. Just Biber blah blah blah $9.2 million

7. The King’s Speech $7.6 million

8. Big Mommas: Like Father… $7.6 million

9. Drive Angry $5.1 million

10. The Rommate $2.1 million

The Oscars is always highly rated and watched but for some reason this year has a lot of buzz about it. Many speculate the Oscars move to having ten Best Picture nominees is a part of this, I disagree actually I believe that has very little to do with it. This year I believe movie audiences simply grew up. Fantastic films like True Grit, The King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Fighter and others are all huge hits. Other films like Social Network, 127 Hours and Winters Bone might not have been huge hits but were talked about a lot in different media outlets. On top of that two summer hits have multiple nominations like Inception and Toy Story 3. Just like in sports if more people have horses in the race then more people care who wins. I hope this year proves to Hollywood that good and smart movies actually are better than cookie cutter nonsense that usually clutters each month in theaters. Return to this blog after the Oscars for my thoughts on who got snubbed and who won. Also Chris Nolan should have been nominated straight up.

Weekend Box Office Feb.11-13th

Not a real strong weekend for good movies but the money spending audiences helped the box office survive last weeks horrible numbers. Adam Sandler’s horrible new flick Just Go With It looks like it has won the weekend but only by a couple of bucks(Thousands). The Canadian super star Justin Bieber’s 3D concert film landed in a very close second. I’m glad this movie didn’t make like 100 million dollars on the first weekend. I just don’t get his appeal, can’t really sing, doesn’t act, he just has funny hair. I don’t get it. The film The Eagle managed some decent numbers too going up against a Sandler comedy and Bieber, landing in fourth place. Gnomeo $ Juliet(WHAT?!?!) landed in third with about $25 million which makes it the biggest opening for an animated film in February(WHAT?!?!?). The rest is pretty basic, I think it’s cool that The King’s Speech and True Grit are sticking around in the top ten. Last week’s number one film The Roommate dropped like a rock to fifth which was expected.

1. Just Go With It  $31 million

2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never $30.4 million

3. Gnomeo & Juliet $25.5 million

4. The Eagle $8.7 million

5. The Roommate $8.4 million

6. The King’s Speech $7.4 million

7. No Strings Attached $5.6 million

8. Sanctum $5.1 million

9. True Grit $3.8 million

10. The Mechanic $2.9 million

Weekend box office Jan. 28-30th

It’s a slow time for movies right now, March is usually when the big time movies start popping up again. For now we get to swim through a number of interesting films. A big surprise for me this weekend is that the film The Rite took the top spot this weekend. I guess Anthony Hopkins has a decent following and people wanted some scares. No Strings Attached stayed on strong and landed in second while Jason Statham’s new action flick landed in third. That surprised me since I really thought that film would land in first. The Green Hornet after being bashed online and by some critics has survived pretty well and has over seventy million bucks. The rest of the list has several Academy Award nominated films like The King’s Speech and Black Swan sticking around. That’s good news for the Oscars, I feel like a lot of people will tune in this year to see who wins. Anyway here is the list…

1. The Rite: $15 Million

2. No Strings Attached: $13 Million

3. The Mechanic: $11.5 Million

4. The Green Hornet: $11.5 Million

5. The King’s Speech: $11.1 Million

6. True Grit: $7.6 Million

7. The Dilemma: $5.5 Million

8. Black Swan: $5.1 Million

9. The Fighter: $4.1 Million

10. Yogi Bear: $3.2 Million

Oscar Nominations = Let down

So the Oscar nominations were announced and across the board they were kind of a let down. I almost have problems across the board with the nominations. Let me get this off my chest, I already know The Social Network will win most of the awards. I feel most people know this and I expect ratings to drop because of it. The Globes ratings rose because of their host, Ricky Gervais. The Social Network was a very good movie, but does not deserve everything it’s winning. I believe these awards shows believe the “Young generation” have some connection to The Social Network and awarding it dozens of awards will connect these shows with the internet generation. It’s just not happening, most people think the movie is “alright” and not brilliant. Anyway here is the list of nominations and I’ve added my thoughts to a couple of them.

Actor in a Lead Role:

Javier Bardem – Biutiful

Jeff Bridges – True Grit

Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network

Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

James Franco – 127 Hours

– I have no real issue with this group. If they were not going to nominate Mark Wahlberg then they should have given it to Christian Bale. I would also drop Eisenberg for Ryan Gosling for his performance in Blue Valentine. I also think it was pointless to nominate James Franco, since the dude is co-hosting I doubt he’ll win, even though I hope he does.

Actor in a Supporting Role:

-Christian Bale – The Fighter

John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone

Jeremy Renner – The Town

Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right

Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech

– Christian Bale should walk away with this award, Geoffrey Rush is a dark horse though. I dig this list.

Actress in a Leading Role:

Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right

Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole

Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone

Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine

– Natalie Portman will probably win but will see if her recent movie choices will sway voters to give it to Kidman or possibly Lawrence. Good list here but Hailee Steinfeld should have one of these spots… I’ll get to that in a second.

Actress in a Supporting Role:

– Amy Adams – The Fighter

Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech

Melissa Leo – The Fighter

Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit

Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom

– So it should go to Adams or Leo or Carter. It could go to Steinfeld but I have a serious problem with her being nominated for best supporting actress here. She was in every scene of True Grit. If anything Jeff Bridges was supporting her role. So having her placed here is a cop out and might take the award away from other great performances.

Animated Feature Film:

– How to Train Your Dragon

– The Illusionist

– Toy Story 3

Only three nominations here? What about Tangled? Toy Story 3 will win here and then instantly not stand a chance in the best picture category. Remember Up?

The list of course is longer but I’m skipping to the major awards…

Best Director:

– Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan

– David O. Russell – The Fighter

– Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech

– David Fincher – The Social Network

– Joel and Ethan Coen – True Grit

– All worthy nominations, but where is Christopher Nolan? The man made the most complex sci-fi movie ever and he gets ignored here. I thought the whole reason why they expanded best picture category because The Dark Knight got dissed. I love the Coen Brothers but they are not going to win. That slot should have went to Nolan. Fincher will win it but it’s for the wrong movie, he should have won the award for Zodiac.

Best Picture:

– Black Swan

– The Fighter

– Inception

– The Kids Are All Right

– The King’s Speech

– 127 Hours

– The Social Network

– Toy Story 3

– True Grit

– Winter’s Bone

– The Social Network will win this but it doesn’t deserve it, I’d give it to Inception or The King’s Speech. The Fighter is also worthy of the award but I don’t think it will win.

So I have a bigger problem with the awards and it has to do with what I think is a huge snub. Tron: Legacy, I know it’s a silly movie but the soundtrack by Daft Punk was the best of the year. The graphics were also amazing and yet the movie gets no attention. Oscars are the fail this year really but will see once it airs.

Weekend Box Office Jan. 21-23rd

January is a slow month for movie studios, it’s usually called a “dumping” month. A place where studio’s drop films they don’t have a lot of faith in. The film No Strings Attached has been getting a lot of dung thrown at it the last couple on months. Most of it unfairly of course as the film is getting dissed since this film comes out so closely to Natalie Portman’s award winning performance in The Black Swan. The romantic comedy managed a decently impressive opening a little over $20 million in ticket sales. The Green Horney managed to stick in second place with $18 million, which brings its total to over sixty million. So the film isn’t a huge flop but not a huge hit either. The Dilemma sits in third but what’s more impressive is The King’s Speech which is in fourth did not drop at all. It has made the same amount two weeks in a row. I guess the nominations and awards it keeps rounding up is helping make people pay attention to it. The rest of the list is not a major surprise. A lot of movies come out next weekend and it will be interesting to see which films will have legs. Will the award nominated films just sit around for weeks or will the new films dominate? Will be interesting to see how this goes down.

1. No Strings Attached $20. 3 Million

2. The Green Hornet $18.1 Million

3. The Dilemma $9.7 Million

4. The King’s Speech $9.2 Million

5. True Grit $8 Million

6. Black Swan $6.2 Million

7. The Fighter $4.5 Million

8. Little Fockers $4.5 Million

9. Yogi Bear $4.1 Million

10. Tron: Legacy $3.7 Million