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In 2003 we had the Ben Affleck vehicle Daredevil. For a studio attempt the movie wasn’t horrible. The film has some major flaws(Play ground fight, odd sub plots, etc.) but still had great action scenes along with some cooler smaller moments. I love the part where Matt Murdock wakes up in the water tank, has everything in his house prepared, money folded in certain ways so he knows which bill he is holding. Still the film did alright at the box office, but the sequel never got off the ground.

Now with everything getting the reboot I guess it is time for Daredevil to get it. One of the writers from the show “Fringe” has been assigned to adapt a script from Frank Miller’s classic Daredevil comic called “Born Again”. The story follows Matt Murdock as his slowly goes insane, once the Kingpin learns his identity he uses the knowledge to terrorize Murdock in his normal life. The story is darker but it is hands down one of the best comics ever.

Rebooting comic book franchises has worked so far with X-Men: First Class being well received. Will see how the Spiderman and Fantastic Four reboots will do from here.

Batman is hands down one of the most popular comic book characters and most popular pop culture icon. As Nolan works on his final piece of his Batman film the studio is already planning on future films. The studio basically plans on rebooting the franchise but threw out this “But Nolan will watch over the project”. That is nonsense, even if Nolan produces his presence will be minimal. I think rebooting the franchise after Dark Knight Rises is frankly a horrible idea. I know many are waiting to see how the Spider-man reboot will do domestically. Are people ready for reboots of franchises that ended only a couple years ago? Personally I think reboots are stupid ad pointless. I prefer sequels like what they did with Tron. Rebooting Batman might mean we have to sit through another origin story. Batman Begins worked because frankly on film we never really saw Bruce Wayne’s origin. Now that we have and Begins is a film a lot of people remember, why would you reboot? Why not just make sequels of Nolan’s films. Just small tweaks like adding a science fiction element which would allow many more of Batman’s rogue gallery to be seen on film. I think it’s very possible to have Nolan’s “real world” gritty vibe mixed with comic book science fiction. I’d like to see Clayface, Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy with a darker tone. So come on WB don’t reboot! Give us characters we haven’t seen before. I feel like this movie is a cop out just to bring The Joker out again on screen.

Universal has straight out down the gauntlet on how they plan to make movies. The studio is now dropping many major original projects and are pushing reboots and sequels not caring where they come from. In 2005 they made a DOOM film based off the video game. It had the Rock and Karl Urban with the hype that the film was going to be like Alien and other loved sci-fi films. Then when the film came out everyone was tricked basically since the film was one of the silliest movies ever made. So now the studio is already rebooting the franchise which could be good, but it won’t be. You know Universal is planning on making a pg-13 lack or gore or violence crap fest. I will harp on this until it stops, but studios have no balls or pride in their film making anymore. They want movies that can be attached to merchandise and made so every teen from Cali to Maine can see it. It’s pathetic. The game DOOM is a classic first person shooter. Basically we follow marines sent to a base on Mars after a gate way is opened to hell and demons spread across the base. The movie should be hard core and violent. I’m sure the studio will chicken out and not go for an R rating especially since they have it planned to be in 3D. So this is good news, but possibly bad news as well.

Angelina Jolie played the original Tomb Raider in two films. The first movie was a bloated mess with a couple good action set pieces. The games for Tomb Raider have been huge hits and the theme is basically a female Indiana Jones. The first film though kind of got bloated where it opened with her fighting a giant robot. The villains were all over the place and wanted an object that could stop time or something. It was just too much, it made money though so a second film came out and was pretty much more of the same. That film though was critically panned and did not make the amount of cash the first one did.

It’s been a while and sequel rumors and reboot rumors would surface time to time. Well now it seems more official that a reboot is going to happen. I’m down, this franchise should and could be great. They should look at Indiana Jones, make the series more real and gritty. No robots, or monsters, you can have realistic villains too. Finding artifacts is a story most audiences love. So have Lara cave diving and being chased by dudes with machine guns. There are a number of actresses I think could rock the role, Emmy Rossum, Olivia Wilde or Gemma Arterton I think would be at the top of my list. So I wish the best to this franchise and I’ll be there when it opens.

This reboot has to still win me over. I’m not excited by a lot of the rumors and the new suit just looks off. Still I like Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey so will see. The news has been released that Marc Webb’s Spider-man will be called The Amazing Spider-man. I don’t see how it could have been titled anything different. Plain old Spider-man would have been too confusing to non-nerd audiences. You can’t call it Spider-man 4 since it is a reboot and I believe will go over a lot of plot lines that the original three films went over. Also it’s funny that it’s being called that since the studio and Sam Raimi almost called Spider-man 2 “The Amazing Spider-man”.

I’m not thrilled about this reboot. I liked Raimi’s films. Spider-man 3 was a mess but not really Raimi’s fault as the studio pushed Venom into the script last minute. Raimi wanted Sandman and Vulture to test Spider-man. The addition of the black suit mixed with Harry’s down fall and Sandman was too much. Then instead of setting up another movie they tossed Venom in at the end to get some more cash. Then they kick Raimi off the Spider-man 4 and plan to reboot the entire thing. So now we are going to get a story that is not even a decade old. People still remember the first film well. How are they going to tell the same story over again without boring everyone to tears? It will be interesting to see how this will come together. Right now I’m not thrilled.

So news has broke that actors have been chosen to play Peter Parker’s parents, these characters are barely focused on in the comics. It’s possible they could be only used in flash backs but I am worried. The bigger news is that Irrfan Khan has been casted as Van Atter… I know what you’re thinking and that is: “Who?”. He is a man who transformers into a villain named Proto-Goblin. So his has me very very worried about the direction they are taking Spiderman in. Proto-Goblin is a fine first villain I guess but I’m confused because they had the Lizard story lined up for the movie. I mean with one of the best rogue gallery in comics the villain they come up with is Proto-Goblin. I as a Spiderman fan am already calling for a reboot and of this reboot. I don’t like the addition of Peter’s parents it makes me believe they are simply trying to mix in as much new stuff as possible so they can do an origin story again. All of this also bugs me and makes me think they are going to try and keep Spiderman off screen as much as possible as well. So I’m pretty much down on this movie and frankly am not looking forward to it. The way things are going I’m kind of hoping the studio just pulls the rug out from under it like they did to Raimi. Reboot the reboot!

Reboot Transformers!

I’m not one to usually demand a series to be rebooted, not exactly behind the Spider-man reboot and generally most reboots are horrible ideas. Then I thought to myself “What series should be rebooted?”. Only one came to mind: Transformers. Sure the first film had it’s moments but it dropped the ball towards the end. I dug how the film started with it basically being about a boy and his car simply trying to get the hot girl. I kind of dug that, then the rest of the film happened. The battles were huge and explosions were big but the audience didn’t really see anything. Michael Bay focused far too much on the military, for some reason even while directing a film called Transformers yet most of the movie is about the military fighting robots. Still the first film was somewhat solid. Then came the second film and everything just went to hell. The film felt as if they simply shot it without a script. All the plot did was set up bad jokes and a couple fight scenes. Nothing actually happened, nothing was really set up. Bay got stuck up on trying to make people laugh with horribly racist jokes. Somehow the movie made millions upon million but I’m sure that was just a huge mistake. Now the third film is being filmed in 3D… Yay? I mean after the second one does anyone really want this? Meagan Fox isn’t even involved anymore… I’m sure that alone will make most guys ignore this film. So anyway once this third “film” is released I say green light the reboot on the spot. Make a film based more on you know the Transformers, keep Shia if you like, cut out all the pointless jokes and side characters. Make it filled with coherent action and then will have a Transformers franchise we can be proud of! So yes finally I have changed side and I say reboot! Reboot Transformers!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the most impressive television shows to ever make it to the small screen. Mainly because the show was dark, witty, action packed and it lasted seven seasons. Most shows that are good these days gets canceled after the first season. Buffy had story lines that were deep and last over several season. The cast was perfect and charming. Buffy allowed for Joss Whedon to come a nerd God and lead to the brilliance which is Firefly and Serenity.

A new version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on the way. I for one am not excited. Now sure there was a film before the television show, so some might ask why can’t there be a movie after the television show? I guess my only defense is that a movie version of the television show was very possible. I mean what is that cast up to really? They could do it. I’m sure Whedon before getting the Avengers would have loved to do it. The studio ignored this and wanted to reboot the franchise. I don’t trust this simply because of how much of a cash grab it looks like. I don’t want to start a nerd battle here but Twilight’s main love story seems very identical to what Buffy and Angel had. A movie based on the show would not really be about a love story between a bad ass chick and a vampire, it would be about a war against the ultimate evil. A studio head probably thought this over and decided what they need is a “young Buffy” who falls in love with a vampire. This move smells just greedy, trying to trick the Twilight crowd into seeing a film with the same basic concept. Instead of the female lead being a lame chick who cries about her vampire boy friend they simply replace her with a chick who kicks ass. I for one just don’t want to see the Buffy story again we all know it and understand what it is. If you haven’t checked it out get your hands on the seven seasons of Buffy, you won’t be disappointed.

No Zod in Superman reboot?

Synder has come out and tried to calm the interwebs rumor that General Zod would be the main villain in his reboot of the classic franchise. Now he could just be playing rebound and Zod is actually the villain, and he wants people to keep guessing into the film goes into production. If he’s telling the truth and Zod will not be the baddie that leaves open the question of who will be going up agains the boy in blue? Of course Lex Luthor will and should be involved somehow. He is now just as iconic as Superman. The character represents pure greed and the lust for ultimate power. Still Superman Returns had Luthor as the stand alone villain and the lack up super powered baddies did leave you wanting more. This can easily be fixed in the reboot, just ad Metallo or Brainiac to the mix and you can have some super powered beat downs which is what everyone wants. Personally I think Brainiac should be the reboot baddie, use his story arc from the cartoon show where Brainiac is connected to the destruction of Krypton. That would be awesome. Come on Synder make me happy! Even though you already have with your perfect adaptation of Watchmen.

He brought us a not shitty horror remake in Dawn of the Dead, he brought us abs galore in 300 and then brought us brilliance in Watchmen… Now director Zack Snyder has been selected to direct the next Superman movie. Now for the record I really enjoyed Superman Returns and thought it was a perfect sequel to the original Superman movies. My problem was the lack of action in that film. Sure when Superman was saving people it looked sweet(The scene with his stopping the plane crashing into the ball park… AMAZING!). Problem for me was there was no real threat to Superman, the only action scene consisted of a bunch of guys robbing a bank. Then randomly they set up a huge machine gun on the roof, all the work for nothing since Superman shows up and takes care of them. Anyway with the weird response to that film from audiences the reboot is coming This time its under the watch of the Nolan brothers. So will Superman have no powers? The idea of Superman living in the world we live in doesn’t give me a lot of hope. I want to see Superman battle it out with a high powered super villain. Snyder though makes me believe this film will look amazing. So count me in as pumped.