This is a huge rumor, that being said this could be a big SPOILER so beware. For a long time now it was believed that the third film would follow the comic storyline called Extremis, very closely. In that story line nano-technology is a heavy factor and the villain is created from that. Then Ben Kingsley was cast in the film and everyone just assumed his baddie would be wrapped up in that story line one way or another. Well that might not be the case. It seems that Mandarin is the main villain for the film. Which if that is true that is a good move. Mandarin is Iron Man’s top bad guy in his universe. Sure in the comics that way the character was illustrated was seriously racist. Easy to erase that in the film though by just giving him the name Mandarin and giving him magical rings. This news is great. I was a little worried about this project but if Mandarin is the main villain I’m ready.

In the first Iron Man film I felt they set the way for the Mandarin. The terrorist group that captured Stark was called “Ten Rings” and was obsessed with gaining as much power as possible. So maybe they could connect that story to the third film. This movie will be the first Marvel film post Avengers and it should be huge. It will also be good to have a villain not building some giant metal suit or tech-weapon to go after Stark. It’s about time they get into the magical stuff in the Marvel universe.