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Movie Review: Man Of Steel

maxresdefaultcbThe original Superman film is a classic. In 2006 we got Super Returns which was mainly an homage to those movies. At the time critics claimed the film lacked action. To me I enjoyed most of that movie besides a couple of story decisions. I couldn’t handle the fact they gave Superman a son and barely used it to be a part of the major story. That film didn’t exactly bomb but it didn’t meet studio expectations so the sequel was never green lit.

Now we have Zack Snyder’s film that essentially reboots the entire story. Russell Crowe plays Jor-El a scientific leader on the planet Krypton. He tries to stand up to General Zod(Michael Shannon) as ┬áhe attempts to over throw the leadership on the planet. The one thing they agree on is that Krypton is going to be destroyed. So Jor-El sends his new born son Kal-El into space towards his new home Earth.

The telling of Superman’s up bringing is done totally through flash back as we follow Clark(Aka Kal-El) as he moves around from job to job. He tries to wrestle with what to do with his powers. His genetics on Earth makes him God like, he can fly and is super strong. Once an old ship from Krypton is found by the government Clark meets Louis Lane(Amy Adams) who is doing a story of the ship for the Daily Planet. Clark gets on the ship and learns who he really is, and gets a great suit. Everything would be awesome if it wasn’t for Zod coming back with a small army. Then the third act of the film is basically watching a fictional city get destroyed.

I was worried about this film before it opened, Superman to me hasn’t exactly been done right. I really liked Superman Returns but Lex Luthor creating a Continent from Kryptonian technology wasn’t enough for me. I wanted a little super hero action. Well Man Of Steel throws action right in your face. Superman’s show down with Zod and his people is epic on a scale of comic book action we have never seen before. This movie simply blows The Avengers away. They did things I only imagined as a kid reading Superman comics, he punches people through trucks and buildings. It’s frankly amazing.

When it comes to some of the changes they did in his origin, I liked almost all of them. Louis Lane gets a lot more to do and they wrote off the idea that she never connects that Clark is Superman. My only issue is with his suit, Kal-El finds it randomly in an old Kryptonian ship. Most of the armor Zod and his other people wear are black and silver. Yet Kal-El just finds a blue and red suit in a ship he and none of his family was ever on. This just didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Maybe I missed something. That is a minor complaint.

Some reviews online have stated that there is too much action in this film. I don’t remember this claim for last years Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises. The film is epic in scale that is for sure. Maybe for some watching building collapse is a little too much, if you’re sensitive about watching cities being destroyed then maybe stay away from this film.

The acting is fantastic across the board. Henry Cavill plays it just right as the boy scout in blue. He just nails it. He doesn’t really get to be Clark that much but I’m glad he’ll be Superman for a while. Amy Adams is just charming and really works as a modern Louis Lane. Russell Crowe is that stand out here as he really seemed to enjoy playing Jor-El. Kevin Costner plays Kal-El’s human father and is fantastic even though his screen time is limited. Michael Shannon plays Zod straight, not really over the top. He’s a man who loved his people so much he’s willing to destroy all of Earth just to give his people a chance. It might take another view before I really know how I feel about his version of Zod.

The film has minor issues but over all is a great comic book movie. It is visually impressive but if you can’t handle destruction on a massive scale you might want to avoid this movie.

Rating: 9/10

We already know that Supes will be going up against General Zod in the new Zack Snyder directed film. Now we know there will be a second villain trying to smash are Kryptonian friend to pieces. A German actress named Antje Traue has landed the role of Faora. First Traue was in the film Pandorum, which was a pretty crazy and cool science fiction flick. She was very good in it and showed a lot of physical power in the film. So her landing the role of Faora really works in my mind.

The character is one of Zod’s second hand hench men. Faora though has a very dark back ground. On Krypton she ran a concentration camp killing several men, her character essentially hated all men no matter what planet they were from. She was put in the Krypton prison called “The Phantom Zone”. If you remember Superman 2 it was the flying piece of glass that held prisoners in space. Anyway I’m glad to see Supes will be going up against several powerful beings in the film.

Amy Adams is Lois Lane

Casting for the new Superman film has mainly been rumors since Henry Cavill was casted as Supes. Then suddenly Adams has landed the role. I don’t even remember her name being mentioned before this announcement. Frankly I think this move is amazing. She is hands down one of the better actresses out there, The Fighter made that clear. I have no idea what she’ll look like with dark hair but frankly I believe her Lois Lane will stand out, she can play sweet but also have a strong side. Director Zack Snyder said getting her was a key part of making Superman relevant to todays audience. I’m not sure what that means exactly but so far so good when it comes to Superman. Now the key part that fans want to know is who will be the lead villain. I would like to see Lex return with a super powered second villain. Even though it looks like a very big possibility would be General Zod. He’s human looking and super powered so I can see why they might use him. Also could connect a story line between Krypton and Superman’s life in Metropolis. At least now we know will have some very good leads including Lois Lane, I’m really looking forward to this movie.

Zack Synder’s upcoming Superman picture is coming together with major pieces of the cast. Diane Lane will play Martha Kent. She’s great so of course this choice makes sense, it’s just hard for me to see her as Martha Kent after a movie like Unfaithful. Adding Lane makes it seem that the family will have a much larger part in the film than at least Superman Returns. So I wonder what the plot of the film will resolve around. Rumors are popping up everywhere that Kevin Costner will play Jonathan Kent which leads me to believe this film will go into Superman’s origins. This is a problem for me. It worked for Batman in Batman Begins for one sole reason, Tim Burton’s Batman film from the 90’s barely focused on Bruce Wayne’s past. So Begins did and it worked because audiences really haven’t seen that on the big screen. With Spider-man and now Superman most people know the origin stories for both characters. Rebooting them and showing us the origins again is simply boring. Hopefully Snyder will gloss over the origin unless he has a direct connection in the story with it. Especially is rumors are true about Viggo Mortensen is going to play General Zod, if this is true they might possibly show what Zod did on Krypton before its destruction. So this will be interesting to see where this movie is going.

Rumors are flying around daily about Superman about casting to story line. Luis Lane rumors are rampant but then a report that Lane wouldn’t be in the movie that much. Speculation is that the film starts with Clark Kent searching for who he is, basically following him as a reporter as he decides to be Superman. Now sure that area has not been explored in the films very much. The show Smallville is all about Clark between his home town and becoming Superman. Now online nerds are furious about this because they want Superman smashing things up with a big time villain, don’t get me wrong I really want this too. Anyway casting rumors are all over the place and now it looks like they have landed Kevin Costner who most likely will play either Clark’s father or possibly Lex Luthor but I’d like to see Perry White. Now I think he’s a perfect Perry White. Still Luthor is possible since they’ll most likely have Luthor being an evil bystander over seeing things as Supes battles a super powered baddie. I love Costner and having him in this movie in whatever role is a good thing.

With Henry Cavill locked in as Super Man the rest of the domino’s are starting to fall. Casting for Lois Lane as now being rumored. Lois Lane might be the best female character in the comics, she is very iconic, mainly because she as a character is not a damsel in distress. Kate Bosworth played Lois in Superman Returns and her performance was alright but she just looked all wrong. So getting her right is almost bigger than get Super Man right. It looks like the list has been slimmed down to five names:

1. Jessica Biel, said to be one of the leading contender for the role. The woman does know how to handle action with roles in A-Team and Blade Trinity. My only problem is she almost seems too bad ass to be Lois. Now this could work if the screen play asks for it. Just like Bosworth though I’m sure Biel would give a great performance but would just look all wrong for the part. Don’t get me wrong if she gets it I won’t be fuming.

2. Dianna Agron, first off this girls name is intense. If you don’t know her she is the head cheer leader on Glee. She has a major role in the film I am Number Four coming out this month. I guess her name is being tossed around for a number of projects. I think she’s talented and does a fine job on Glee. My only problem is she seems just too young for the role of Lois Lane. Also I just can’t see her doing it. Picture her as Luis with dark hair, it just don’t work.

3. Malin Akerman, now I don’t know what to think about her. Her energy could actually work for the character but I really believe her name is here because she’s worked with Zack Snyder before on Watchmen. The only problem is she is older than Cavill and the age difference might be too obvious.

4. Kristen Stewart, NO! I get why she is in this list… The producers want teen females to go see Super Man. Since they couldn’t get either dudes from Twilight in the film they want her. She is anti-Lois Lane. Her emo quiet performances would not work for Lois Lane. I get what they are thinking here but besides Stewart just being way too young for the part.

5. Rachel McAdams, yes, I’m sure she already has the part. This woman is one of the best actresses around and would just be perfect for the role. Christopher Nolan has always liked her and rumor is she was second behind Anne Hathaway for the Selina Kyle role in the The Dark Knight Rises. Could be greta for us because this leaves her open to play Lois Lane which would be amazing for all of us.

Superman 1 and 2 are great movies, corny but great movies. The next couple of movies were horrible and corny. Then WB spent decades screwing up ways to make Superman. At one point Nick Cage was Superman and at another point Superman was going to wear all black and be “hip”. Thankfully Bryan Singer left X-men 3 to make Superman Returns. The film was basically a huge homage to Donner’s first film. Problem is we’ve all seen that film and super hero movies these days need one major thing: Action. Returns needed action scenes and they just didn’t have it. Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor was great but not enough. So the movie did well in the box office but not good enough to green light a sequel. The best thing about Returns was Brandon Routh who played Kent and Supes. He was charming and just rocked the role.

Now WB is remaking the series once again with Christopher Nolan lightly behind the production and Zach Snyder behind the camera. I assumed production would move at a slow pace, but out of the blue Superman has been cast. This guy Henry Cavill who looks the part has got it. I feel bad for Routh who I really loved as Supes but I understand they needed to go in another direction. Cavill has been seen in the show the Tudors, I’ve never seen it and frankly the only other thing I know him from was his small role in Stardust. Lets hope the guy can rock the role, he’s been up for a lot of big parts but lost them all. Rumor is he was almost James Bond until producers came to their senses and casted Daniel Craig. Snyder needs to make sure his visual style doesn’t change the image of the big blue guy. His movies can come off like video games and that would be horrible for iconic super hero. They need to mix in Luther and another villain like Brianiac or Doomsday. They need to give us big time action. I always had an idea for a Superman movie which would start with Luther running a huge military technology firm and creating Metallo. That would be a good start.

Superman Rumors

So we know only a couple things about the upcoming Superman project, first we know Christopher Nolan is producing, that’s good. We also know Zack Snyder will be directing, that’s interesting. First I love Synder’s style and I really enjoyed his vision of Watchmen. Now some rumors about the story and casting have come out, who knows if they are true at all but they have been flowing around… So lets start with…

Plot rumors: Again no one knows if this is true, just a rumor but this is interesting. The rumor is that the film would start with Clark Kent trying to prove he can help the world without his powers. That he somehow feels that Superman is all that he is so he takes his reporting skills on the road…. That road being Africa. Kent goes to Africa to report on violence in that country. Then something happens to make him decide that Superman is needed in the world. I don’t know how I feel about this. Especially for a reboot of a franchise, I think this type of story line will isolate fans. Audiences won’t exactly understand. Unless the film opens with Superman doing something epic, and then deciding to put the red and blue aside to help in Africa. I don’t know, I really believe fans and audiences just want one thing… Superman kicking ass. Superman Returns was a great film, the problem was besides saving people from disasters Superman didn’t really do much. There was no super powered villain in it. The next film will need one. Lex Luthor can always be apart of the franchise. They also need a Brianiac or Doomsday as well. This is where the story line should go. I was a little worried about Nolan’s involvement in this franchise. He made Batman ultra realistic, that works for Batman, this will not at all work for Superman. The comics were always great when he was facing off against epic villains. So I say drop Africa unless it helps reveal a great super villain.

Cast: Now the rumors for who will play Superman are all over the board. Fans want Jon Hamm from Mad Men. I do as well, he’s awesome. Problem is I guess he’s older than what the studio wants. They like the idea of having a young guy come in and help them make several sequels after the reboot. That’s fine my problem is you have a perfect young Superman… Brandon Routh. He played Clark Kent and Superman perfectly in Superman Returns. Not exactly his fault that the film didn’t end up meeting expectations. He was great and they should have kept him on board for the reboot. Now when it comes to the love interest Lois Lane the one big rumor I’m in love with is Anne Hathaway is being sought for the role. That is just perfect, I mean she is perfect for that character, if that ends up happening my support for the film will jump up to a %100.

No Zod in Superman reboot?

Synder has come out and tried to calm the interwebs rumor that General Zod would be the main villain in his reboot of the classic franchise. Now he could just be playing rebound and Zod is actually the villain, and he wants people to keep guessing into the film goes into production. If he’s telling the truth and Zod will not be the baddie that leaves open the question of who will be going up agains the boy in blue? Of course Lex Luthor will and should be involved somehow. He is now just as iconic as Superman. The character represents pure greed and the lust for ultimate power. Still Superman Returns had Luthor as the stand alone villain and the lack up super powered baddies did leave you wanting more. This can easily be fixed in the reboot, just ad Metallo or Brainiac to the mix and you can have some super powered beat downs which is what everyone wants. Personally I think Brainiac should be the reboot baddie, use his story arc from the cartoon show where Brainiac is connected to the destruction of Krypton. That would be awesome. Come on Synder make me happy! Even though you already have with your perfect adaptation of Watchmen.

He brought us a not shitty horror remake in Dawn of the Dead, he brought us abs galore in 300 and then brought us brilliance in Watchmen… Now director Zack Snyder has been selected to direct the next Superman movie. Now for the record I really enjoyed Superman Returns and thought it was a perfect sequel to the original Superman movies. My problem was the lack of action in that film. Sure when Superman was saving people it looked sweet(The scene with his stopping the plane crashing into the ball park… AMAZING!). Problem for me was there was no real threat to Superman, the only action scene consisted of a bunch of guys robbing a bank. Then randomly they set up a huge machine gun on the roof, all the work for nothing since Superman shows up and takes care of them. Anyway with the weird response to that film from audiences the reboot is coming This time its under the watch of the Nolan brothers. So will Superman have no powers? The idea of Superman living in the world we live in doesn’t give me a lot of hope. I want to see Superman battle it out with a high powered super villain. Snyder though makes me believe this film will look amazing. So count me in as pumped.