The fantasy/action flick Snow White and the Huntsman took over the top spot and pushed out the boys in black suits. The Kristen Stewart lead film made a solid $56.3 million here in the states and added a little more over seas. Not exactly Earth shattering but better than some expected. It was believed that maybe people had too much Snow White already, or possibly people cared too much about the stars than the film itself. Still the film had a good opening and will see how much it can add on over the week and the next weekend.

Men In Black 3 added almost $30 million to it’s total. Domestically the film sits at $112 million but over seas it has done gangbusters. Another film showing an odd trend that world wide people are simply more interested in the Hollywood blockbusters. Still when all is said and done I think MIB3 will be a big hit.

The Avengers is slowly just crawling up the charts as the biggest movie ever. Battleship on the other hand is struggling to gain any traction and has made $55 million in the states but somehow is going to make $300 million over seas. The rest of the weekend was rather a let down. Only other story is that Dark Shadows broke the $70 million mark in the states, I’m sure they expected more but to me that is surprising.

Here is the list…

1. Snow White and the Huntsman $56.2 million

2. Men In Black 3 $29.3 million

3. The Avengers $20.2 million

4. Battleship $4.8 million

5. The Dictator $4.7 million

6. The Best Exotic Hotel… $4.6 million

7. What to Expect When You’re Expecting $4.4 million

8. Dark Shadows $3.8 million

9. Chernobyl Diaries $3 million

10. For Great Glory $1.8 million