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Movie Review: Kick-Ass 2

kickasscb23In an age where we get at least three or four comic book movies a year the original Kick-Ass was a breath of a fresh air. It was violent, really weird, and frankly really hilarious. The sequel is based off the comic book of the same name and frankly does a better job of getting the story across. The comic book is ultra-violent, now the movie has a lot of violence too, but it never gets too dark. Kick-Ass 2 stays in a weird zone, almost always going for comedy.

The story starts off with us following David Lizewski(Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who decides to put on the Kick-Ass costume again. Being the first real world super hero inspired dozens of others to do the same. Most of them are rather goofy but mean well. Kick-Ass teams up with Colonel Stars and Stripes(Jim Carrey) and they create a real world Justice League called “Justice Forever”. He trains with Hit-Girl(Chloe Grace Moretz) but she decides to turn down the life of a super hero so she can be a normal teenage girl.

The only major problem with the film is splitting the two leads away from each other. Where the first film felt fluid, probably thanks to director Matthew Vaughn, he didn’t direct the sequel(but did produce it). Here we bounce back and forth from Kick-Ass to Hit-Girl and somehow there is no real balance to it. What really helps is Christopher Mintz-Plasse who plays Red Mist, who uses his hatred for Kick-Ass, who killed his father in the first film, he decides to become the first real super villain. He changes his name to “The Motherfucker” and instead of really training or gaining any real ability, he just pays psycho’s to kill people for him. His lines are hilarious and the concept of a young rich ass-hole just becoming a super villain is really good.

This film is crazy, and if you just sit back and relax you’ll have a good time. There are many moments that are stupid or over the top, but that is the point. At one moment one of The Motherfucker’s lead henchmen “Mother Russia” kills six cops at one point, and the scene makes no sense but it sets up how crazy things are going to be.

What doesn’t work is Hit-Girl going to high school. Nothing feels real once she’s there. It doesn’t help that all the girls she deals with in high school are obviously in their late 20’s playing teens. A couple of the scenes work, especially one where Hit-Girl watches a One Direction type band and finds herself, and not understanding her attraction to them.

The film frankly should have just been called “Kick-Ass 2: Hit Girl” because if we simply just followed her the entire time this film would have been a home run. Instead the film is fragmented by us following Kick-Ass and then Hit-Girl and also Mother Fucker’s league of villains. The action scenes are really well done, the R-rating helps too. PG-13 rated comic book violence only works occasionally. Here we get full on ass kicking and it’s nice to see. This film is silly and weird, but I enjoyed myself a lot and laughed a lot as well. In the end that’s all that really matters with a movie like this.

Rating: 7/10

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

iMarvel is moving on to “Phase 2” and that starts with this film which in many ways feels like the end of Iron Man… Do understand that reading on you will experience EXTREME SPOILERS… This is your only warning…. I lied here is another one… I will be diving deep into the plot of this film so be warned I will be SPOILING MAJOR PLOT PIECES. Okay, shall we begin? The film is set right after the events that happen in the Avengers… Which means the world knows of these super heroes… Loki and aliens attacked New York City. Not only is Tony Stark dealing with what happened but everyone else is too. He cannot help but run into someone asking about the invasion or about other Avenger members like Thor. Stark has panic attacks from the fight in New York and doesn’t see very nasty events unfolding right before his eyes. It takes his house exploding, his girl friend being placed in extreme peril and a lot of rebuilding for him to shake it off.

I really enjoyed the first two Iron Man movies. The first film is a solid set up movie. The villain ended up being rather weak. Iron Monger deserved more screen time. The second film failed because it was being used as a launching pad for the Avengers, it simply had too much on the plate. Still Whiplash’s entrance and fight scene was fantastic as was the use of War Machine. This third film isn’t structured like the others though which is great. We start off in 1999 where we see Tony Stark(Still in drunk dick head mode) blow off a bio engineer named Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and from there the story evolves. Set today Stark watches as a terrorist named The Mandarin(Ben Kingsley) take credit for explosions happening around the world. Iron Man does nothing to stop him. So the President of the United States makes War Machine(Don Cheadle) become “Iron Patriot”, basically War Machine painted red white and blue to go fight The Mandarin.

When one of the terror attacks hits Tony personally he decides to threaten the Mandarin on live news, this leads to his house being blown up by helicopters. With the world(including the bad guys) thinking he’s dead he must use his wits and big ass brain to solve what is going on. All of this works on many levels when it really shouldn’t. Downey gives his best performance as Stark here, it’s deep and more than him just being a drunk who finds a soul. He’s a man on a mission who doesn’t have his money, suits or Avengers as a crutch to help him. Shane Black is directing this time and his work with comedy makes this movie flow and ends up actually being pretty hilarious. The action is also solid across the board.

The movie stumbles when the plot unfolds… The Mandarin ends up being just a drunk actor. Killian is using something called Extremis to grow back people’s limbs/make them invincible/makes them spit fire/make them explode… I’m not kidding. He decided to create a public menace in the Mandarin to get the focus off him and his evil organization. This is the films glaring issue that holds it down… The villain Killian to me doesn’t make any sense, his ultimate plan seems almost pointless and unnecessary. We get tones that why he focused on Stark so badly was due to just jealousy, which is tired and has been done before. The fact that Kingsley plays the Mandarin so well in the first half makes the audience prepare for some ultimate show down, but it just never happens. Killian is the big bad here and his evil plan is just not explained very well. It also doesn’t help that his army of Extremis soldiers just seem like super powered zombies and have no depth.

Still even with this glaring hole the film is still very fun. The actors blow it away here, Kingsley and Guy Pearce are frankly amazing here, both very much enjoying their roles. Gwyneth Paltrow returns as Pepper Potts and has a lot more to do here, her scenes are the best frankly and you can’t help but cheer for the character a little as all the events unfold.

I will give this movie credit for having one of the best twists since “The Sixth Sense” or advertising since “Scream”. I never saw The Mandarin coming as he even claims in the movie. They caught me off guard, problem is the movie didn’t even seem to know what to do with the twist. The plot needed some help towards the end, a clear goal, the best super hero movies have strong villains with a plan. Loki in the Avengers was interesting because he was a pawn, but a dangerous one that the audience understood needed to be stopped. Killian on the other hand, I still am not clear on what he was even about. He was just bad and had to be stopped. The movie is witty and visually stunning and that alone is worth the ticket price but in the end you feel cheated, this could have been the best comic book movie ever, instead you feel like even it doesn’t know what it is half way through. The movie ends in a way that makes it seem like will never see an Iron Man 4… I doubt it of course but it’s interesting. I wish I would say this movie was amazing but really in the end “interesting” is the only word you can toss at it.

Rating: 7/10

Movie Review: Oblivion

Oblivion.cb3Science fiction is making a huge come back and Oblivion is proof of that. Last summer Prometheus came out and even though it had problems it was the strongest science fiction film to come out in a long time. Oblivion follows Tom Cruise’s character named Jack, he is part of a two man team to fix drones that roam around the surface of Earth. We’re told that humanity won a war against a scavenger alien race, the aliens were defeated but the planet was destroyed when the scavengers blew up the moon. So most humans now live on the moon of Saturn called Titan. Jack and his partner Victoria(Andrea Riseborough) who are slightly romantically involved have a system locked down. Jack occasionally faces off with the masked aliens left on the planet but most of the time he’s bored.

Things heat up when a ship crash lands and has humans on board. The drones Jack repairs open fire on the pods holding the people. This leads to an avalanche of problems for the two of them. Especially when Jack saves one of the people aboard the crashed ship that turns out to be someone from his past, her name is Julia(Olga Kurylenko) he remembers her even though his memories were wiped by the company they work for. Jack begins putting the pieces together… SPOILER ALERT…… I’M SERIOUS…. Once Jack meet Morgan Freeman and a human resistance he finds out nothing is like it seems. I’m not going to spoil anything else. The plot gets a lot better minus one or two odd choices towards the end. The films pace is fantastic, this is essentially a drama but with well placed action the movie rolls along very quickly.

Joseph Kosinski made Tron: Legacy which I strongly enjoyed, that film and this one are alike in many ways. The main connection is both are visually stunning. The world of Oblivion is empty and sad. The technology we are exposed to in fantastic but very realistic, like one day we could actually see stuff like that exist. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Kosinski has in store for us down the road.

The key piece of why this film works is Tom Cruise, the man is an action star. He makes this film work in every scene, we care about him. The two female leads are fantastic as well and bring a lot of heart to a film with barely little human interaction. Morgan Freeman isn’t on screen for long but he does add a little comedy to a film set at the end of the world.

It’s not a sequel or based off a comic book but the film is strong and I hope it opens the door for more science fiction in the next couple of years. Go see it, you won’t be upset that you did, if anything you’ll find this film interesting.

Rating: 8.5/10

Movie Review: Dead Man Down

Dead.Man.Downcb3Colin Farrell plays Victor and is part of the crew run by Alphonse Hoyt(Terrence Howard) and is quiet but good with a gun. His neighbor Beatrice(Noomi Rapace) has a badly scarred face from a car accident. She wants the drunk driver that hit her dead, when she sees Victor kill a man in his apartment, she black mails him into killing the man for her. This deal leads to them falling for each other, we also find out Victor has another plan that he is putting together and we find out Victor isn’t exactly some mindless thug.

I went into this movie rather blind, I saw the trailer, had no idea what was going on. I was beyond surprised as the movie played out, this film is a refreshing action/thriller film, as it stands now it’s one of my favorite movies of 2013(I know it’s early) because of how different it is. This movie comes from Niels Arden Oplev who was behind the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and his style makes this movie very special. The dark tones to the highly stylized action scenes just makes the movie strong through out.

What makes the movie great though is the two leads, I’m starting to really fall for Noomi Rapace, she was hands down one of the best parts of Prometheus and stood out in the second Sherlock Holmes movie. If you haven’t seen her in the original Dragon Tattoo film, check it out, she’s amazing. Really though this movie is proof of how good Farrell is, his stardom rose years ago but wrong projects brought his career down. Recently he’s opened up and had a little fun. Sure the Total Recall remake was bad, but he was good in it. Here he makes the movie, without him, the movie wouldn’t be nearly as good. His quiet and calm approach to Victor just makes you cheer him on.

This film isn’t exactly for everyone, it’s dark and doesn’t move like most American action films. Still even though the movie is quiet in places the explosive finale will wake people up. The action is solid and the two leads are so good you just have to check this movie out. If you miss it in theaters check it out at Red Box or pick up when it comes out on DVD. You won’t regret it. I do wish they would have done a title change, because it doesn’t really connect to the movie at all.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

emperor-review-1Do you like history? You better if you want to like Emperor. The story isn’t about the war on the islands against the Japanese. It’s set after all of that, after Emperor Hirohito’s surrender General Douglas MacArthur found himself in a bit of a weird spot, he had to put the leaders of the Japanese empire on trial for war crimes, if he placed the Emperor in this position it could destroy the Japanese totally. Most Americans don’t know this but at that time the Emperor was worshipped as a God by his people. So wisely MacArthur put General Bonner Fellers in a covert mission to connect the Emperor to the Pearl Harbor attacks. If he had any direct connection to it, he would be placed on trail for war crimes.

The film is obviously very well made, everything from the wardrobes to the back drops look perfect for the times. Problem is as important as the story is, it’s not really cinematic. Matthew Fox plays General Bonner Fellers and does a fine job. I’ve always liked him and recently he’s been trying to branch out, playing a psycho killer in “Alex Cross” and I loved him in “Speed Racer”. Still his character is very straight laced, trying to find a Japanese woman he fell in love with before the war… SPOILERS…. Major problem is the audience basically understands that she is dead way and I mean way before Fellers ever does. So there isn’t really that many places the movie can go.

Tommy Lee Jones does a fantastic job playing General MacArthur and his performance isn’t over the top and it’s layered as well since MacArthur, who no doubt is an American hero, but the guy had a God complex for sure. The movie plays with this a little, but really the film over all comes off like a History Channel movie before they were focused on Pawn Stars and other reality programming.

The story is important, something every American should understand but the film just lacks the drama that makes it a strong movie. This is something one should watch in an afternoon, not a night out at the theater. The love story angle ultimately fails so the film is only really good when it breaks down the historic elements. There just isn’t enough here to be worth seeing this movie in theaters, it’s for sure a rental, the story should be heard, it’s just not over all a strong film.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Snitch_cb2I really believe The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is our version of an 80’s action hero. He has picked the wrong ¬†projects though, too many kids films, not enough hard core action movies. Interesting move by picking Snitch, he plays John Matthews a business man who really isn’t a bad ass, he’s really just a general guy. When his son from his first marriage receives a package from an old high school friend, which is filled with pills, he’s arrested for drug trafficking. To get him out The Rock makes a deal with the federal prosecutor(Susan Sarandon) and uses his own business to set up a drug cartel.

The plot seems pretty generic, I will admit there isn’t anything mind blowing here, what stands out is who grounded in reality the film is. Everything is dark and dangerous. The Rock is not a bad ass, his character is either scared shitless or getting his ass kicked. The Mexican drug cartel he gets involved with seems unstoppable at times. The police and politicians behind them aren’t exactly perfect either. There are action moments but I wouldn’t really call this movie an action film. There is a truck/car chase and a shoot out scene, the shoot though is between two drug cartels.

A stand out here is Jon Bernthal who you’ll remember from the show “The Walking Dead”, he plays an ex-con that helps the Rock get introduced to the drug under world. His character has a lot of levels, you really feel for the guy and his family. He and the Rock are basically both under the foot of the world of drugs, but unlike the Rock’s character, his isn’t rich so you know that any time his world could collapse. Sure the movie doesn’t avoid drug cartel cliches. Benjamin Bratt plays the drug cartel leader, he doesn’t get a lot of screen time but he plays it up really well. One other thing to note is that the movie deals with it’s lead character having an ex-wife and a new one, something that is very common in suburban life but we rarely see in movies. That was a breath of fresh air personally.

The movie reminds me of Contraband with Mark Wahlberg that came out a year ago. That film was solid, involved the criminal under world, a little bit of action here and there. Over all though that film and Snitch aren’t something you need to race to the theater for, you can wait to rent it at home. It just isn’t enough to say it’s a great film experience, over all though it’s solid.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Movie Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

Oz.the.great.cb1Pretty much everyone loves the classic Wizard of Oz, well I guess for a very long time Walt Disney had wanted to create a prequel to that film that explained how the Wizard got to Oz. It took a long time but it finally got made, director Sam Raimi who is one of my favorites was a perfect choice to bring this story to screen, problem is some choices come off as dull especially one man in the film: James Franco. His what I call, stoned approach to Oz did not work for me. He did not deliver a lot of lines right, sure he had the look down, and let me say he’s not terrible but he is the biggest flaw of the film.

The first thing you’ll notice is that a good ten minutes of the start of the film is in black and white, and this works, man the first ten minutes is really strong. The look is gorgeous, then once Oz reaches well… Oz everything gains color and over the top amounts of CGI. Sam Raimi does give us a lot of great visuals but the CGI at many times is over whelming, some pieces come off as so fake it looks like a video game and it’s distracting. Also Franco does not do a fantastic job of making us feel like we’re there, when he speaks to CGI characters he stares at them just a little off center. Franco really just doesn’t pull off the sleazy magician who grows a heart, he comes off like a stoner trying to be a magician.

The female leads pretty much keep the movie afloat acting wise. It was nice seeing Mila Kunis doing something else besides the “hot girl friend” type role. She brings a lot of pain and depth to the wicked witch. Rachel Weisz is the stand out here, mind you she gets the best lines but she is just such an amazing actress that she dominates the screen. The woman should be the next James Bond villain, first off would love to see her face off with her real life husband(Daniel Craig) on screen. Michelle Williams plays Glinda the Good, and she simply radiates goodness, you believe she’s the good witch the second you hear her speak.

This movie is really for kids, it’s not a dumb kids movie though, the jokes work and at moments there are some really great visuals. It’s just the tame rating leaves one wanting a little more. The action set pieces are so tame that it doesn’t really leave you astonished. Still once you realize your watching a kids movie, you understand you’re watching a really good kids movie. I just wish Raimi could have tried to make us care about Oz a little more, they focus so hard on CGI plants and creatures that when it comes to the people of Oz, I could care less about them.

The leading ladies are worth the price of admission alone, the visual make the film a fun ride and very worth seeing it on the big screen. Sadly though Franco and the lack of focus on the actual world of Oz leads the movie feeling a little off balance and not as epic as you’d hope. Still it’s not a failure at all and the movie never hits you over the head with references to the old film. If you have kids I’d say this is a must see otherwise understand that you should go in with low expectations.

Review: 7 out of 10

Beautiful.Creatures.cb1I never read the books but from seeing this movie I can tell you the book is probably better. We follow Ethan(Alden Ehrenreich) who just lost his mother but is about to start up high school again. We keep getting told he is “jock” but the guy seems like a secluded geek to me, he reads a lot and day dreams about escaping the Southern town of Gatlin. The jokes he makes about the town are actually really funny. The first ten minutes of the movie we mainly follow him and it’s great. Ehrenreich is straight up charming as Ethan. His world is rocked when he meets Lena Duchannes(Alice Englert), she’s new to school and the niece of local crazy man Macon Ravenwood(Jeremy Irons), so of course everyone hates her and calls her a Satan worshiper. Ethan quickly falls for the girl. Sadly though he finds out she’s a witch, and on her sixteenth birthday she will either turn good or evil. So that kind of put a road bump in the relationship.

I understand how many want to simply write this off as a Twilight rip off but to me it’s way better. The entire concept is cooler than anything Twilight tossed at us. Also unlike the Twilight movies the two leads are amazingly good and have strong chemistry together. Where the movie fails in basically in every other department. The graphics are below average and frankly in a movie dealing with mystical powers and good and evil, we don’t really see that much magic happen. The big bag villain is mainly in the back ground and once you finish the movie you realize the bad guy didn’t really do anything. The films big issue was it obviously tried to pack way too many things into one movie. Jeremy Irons character Macon Ravenwood had an interesting back story, he turned dark but choose to be a good guy. Why he did this is never really explained or used which is a waste.

The stand out here is Emmy Rossum who plays Lena’s evil cousin. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, also she obviously had fun playing the nasty character. Still the flashback scene of when she turns evil is hands down the best part of the movie. We watch as she essentially makes a young drunk man walk straight into a moving train.

So the acting was great in my opinion, it had potential plot wise but instead of focusing in and using some of the elements that were set up, the movie just moves slowly along. At many moments you’ll find yourself bored and if it wasn’t for the leads this movie could have been terrible. What also bugged me beyond belief was the ending, I won’t spoil anything but the movie could have ended epically, would have changed my opinion on it fully, instead they blinked and ended it in a way that I found very bland and unoriginal. It’s a shame because the pieces were there, so in many ways it fails to live up to what it could have been. Maybe instead of Beautiful Creatures they should change the title to Average Creatures.

Rating: 5 out of 10

good day to die hard 2Please put up with me with this review, to me Die Hard could be a classic franchise, the studio just needs to step up and make it a classic instead of just making average attempts to make action movies. I love John McClane and I love Bruce Willis. Frankly I enjoy pretty much every movie in the franchise, problem is the movies are sliding towards average instead of awesome. This is the fourth sequel to Die Hard and somehow they still just can’t get it right. Now I’ll give them credit this film is a lot more fun than the last attempt. The plot is rather simple, John’s son Jack is a covert CIA operative. They have not spoken in a long time but when John hears that Jack has been arrested in Moscow he takes a flight over to Russia to save him. John has no idea his son is wrapped up with some bad people and when bad guys attack the Russian court house Jack is being tried in, John gets wrapped up in his sons mission. The plot is fine, and there is a twist towards the end that is actually pretty fun, problem is it never really feels like a Die Hard movie and it’s over before you know it.

Now the first Die Hard is one of the best movies of all time, no debate necessary here it just is. John McClane is perfect but the one thing they really got right was the location and the bad guys. Hans Gruber of course is a classic villain, but the thing people don’t realize is that his henchmen stood out too. You knew every single one of them. They each looked different most even had a line or two. The sequels have never realized that this is an important factor. In A Good Day to Die Hard John McClane cuts through henchmen, most are wearing face masks so you never even connect with them. They have turned Die Hard into a video game. Just the lead shooting down endless, faceless bad guys.

Die Hard 2 gets hated on because the plot kind of mimics the first, frankly that’s what should happen. I want Die Hard to go back to its roots. I want bad guys taking things over, not McClane running around a city blowing shit up. DH2 had a simple plot really, rogue military douche bags take over an airport. They got a lot right more than they got wrong. As time goes on I think people have noticed that it’s the best sequel.

Die Hard 3 or Die Hard with a Vengeance took things in a different direction. They made McClane a mess, hinted at him being a racist, then when the city is rocked by a terrorist named Simon, McClane runs around the city and finds out it’s not about terrorism it’s about money as usual. This movies problem is the script was originally written as a stand alone action film, not a Die Hard sequel. So the movie never really feels right. McClane is too angry, he kills a man who is begging him not to fire in German. The bad guys were almost too sympathetic, they went out of their way not to kill people. The movie just never made any sense really and never had the punch the last two did.

Years later we got Live Free or Die Hard, which was rated PG-13 and it just never set things right. It had the pieces to be good, his daughter was involved, he teamed up with a super geek. Problem was the rating never let McClane be his character. They also had terrible villains. I didn’t mind an uber geek being the main villain, but the choice of having his gun men be French mercenaries never made any sense. It sucked really. ¬†The main villain should have had ruthless assholes at his side, men we would learn to hate, not men we could careless about. They also went into video game territory as McClane faced off with a fighter jet. None of it felt right even though if done a little differently it could have really worked.

A Good Day to Die Hard gets a lot more right than wrong. Jai Courtney is really great as Jack and he works well with Bruce Willis. The action is violent and there is a very fun(and long) car chase that just works. I don’t want to give away much about the plot but the stand out is that the villains are terrible. This is because they never have any solid amount of screen time. Hans Gruber dominated the screen. These villains have no real back ground and don’t do enough for us to even really get to hate them. It feels like they are close to making a good Die Hard film. Is this movie fun? Hell yes, and it’s much better than the last one. Still though it’s too short and still doesn’t feel like a Die Hard movie.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Movie Review: Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretelWe follow the two characters Hansel and Gretel from the fairytale… The twist is though after they survive being prisoners in a house made of candy owned by a witch, the two young siblings grow up to be witch hunters. At no point is this movie meant to be taken seriously. It’s way over the top bloody and a lot of fun my only problem is it probably could have been even more fun. The one thing you can’t ignore is how strong the leads are, Gemma Arterton is hands down in my opinion one of the best female action leads in a long time. She should be Lara Croft if they ever reboot that franchise. Hansel is played by Jeremy Renner who I’m also enjoying as a go to action star. Problem is this movie easily ran out of things for these two to do and the movie ends up just going through the motions and ending very early in my opinion.

You must go into this movie understanding that everything is done to be a joke. I mean Hansel is diabetic after being locked in a candy house and forced to eat candy. Nothing in this movie is very serious. Even the violence is done with such an over the top style you never find yourself flinching at it. The problem is Hansel and Gretel are so good at what they do the audience never really gets to see how powerful the witches they face off against are. There is a lot that is either ignored or never explained. First off why are all witches women and evil? Why do they have magic powers but never seem to use them very much. I guess that wasn’t the point of the movie though. The main plot is pretty basic a big bad witch played amazingly well by Famke Janssen plans to use “The Blood Moon” and kidnapping children to become immortal. The villains plot is so bland though the movie barely focuses on it.

The action is solid, not choppy with a lot of cut aways. It just gets boring watching Hansel and Gretel shooting at witches. It was hard to understand what time period they were in since they use high powered shot guns and rifles to shoot witches down. I guess the movie was suppose to have a “Steam punk” vibe to it but it just never came off right. I just wish there was a little bit more for the leads to do. At no point do they ever threatened because we find out very early that Hansel and Gretel were blessed with powers that made them immune to witches spells. So they are never in any real danger as they cut apart witches.

The movie flirts with being more than just a one note action film when Hansel and Gretel break up a mob ready to burn a young woman. The always great Derek Mears shows up to play an ass hole Sheriff ready to burn any woman he suspects is a witch. Problem is the film never really picks this story plot up. We also get a little taste of “White witches” who are good and pure and what not, yet the movie doesn’t really focus on them either. In the end the movie is just a short fun little action piece, it could have been more but simply decided against it. That is no fault to the actors in the film who bring it and look like they enjoyed making the film so I give them props, I just wish there was something more to this movie. You know just a little more magic.

Rating: 6 out of 10