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Movie Review: Iron Man 3

iMarvel is moving on to “Phase 2” and that starts with this film which in many ways feels like the end of Iron Man… Do understand that reading on you will experience EXTREME SPOILERS… This is your only warning…. I lied here is another one… I will be diving deep into the plot of this film so be warned I will be SPOILING MAJOR PLOT PIECES. Okay, shall we begin? The film is set right after the events that happen in the Avengers… Which means the world knows of these super heroes… Loki and aliens attacked New York City. Not only is Tony Stark dealing with what happened but everyone else is too. He cannot help but run into someone asking about the invasion or about other Avenger members like Thor. Stark has panic attacks from the fight in New York and doesn’t see very nasty events unfolding right before his eyes. It takes his house exploding, his girl friend being placed in extreme peril and a lot of rebuilding for him to shake it off.

I really enjoyed the first two Iron Man movies. The first film is a solid set up movie. The villain ended up being rather weak. Iron Monger deserved more screen time. The second film failed because it was being used as a launching pad for the Avengers, it simply had too much on the plate. Still Whiplash’s entrance and fight scene was fantastic as was the use of War Machine. This third film isn’t structured like the others though which is great. We start off in 1999 where we see Tony Stark(Still in drunk dick head mode) blow off a bio engineer named Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and from there the story evolves. Set today Stark watches as a terrorist named The Mandarin(Ben Kingsley) take credit for explosions happening around the world. Iron Man does nothing to stop him. So the President of the United States makes War Machine(Don Cheadle) become “Iron Patriot”, basically War Machine painted red white and blue to go fight The Mandarin.

When one of the terror attacks hits Tony personally he decides to threaten the Mandarin on live news, this leads to his house being blown up by helicopters. With the world(including the bad guys) thinking he’s dead he must use his wits and big ass brain to solve what is going on. All of this works on many levels when it really shouldn’t. Downey gives his best performance as Stark here, it’s deep and more than him just being a drunk who finds a soul. He’s a man on a mission who doesn’t have his money, suits or Avengers as a crutch to help him. Shane Black is directing this time and his work with comedy makes this movie flow and ends up actually being pretty hilarious. The action is also solid across the board.

The movie stumbles when the plot unfolds… The Mandarin ends up being just a drunk actor. Killian is using something called Extremis to grow back people’s limbs/make them invincible/makes them spit fire/make them explode… I’m not kidding. He decided to create a public menace in the Mandarin to get the focus off him and his evil organization. This is the films glaring issue that holds it down… The villain Killian to me doesn’t make any sense, his ultimate plan seems almost pointless and unnecessary. We get tones that why he focused on Stark so badly was due to just jealousy, which is tired and has been done before. The fact that Kingsley plays the Mandarin so well in the first half makes the audience prepare for some ultimate show down, but it just never happens. Killian is the big bad here and his evil plan is just not explained very well. It also doesn’t help that his army of Extremis soldiers just seem like super powered zombies and have no depth.

Still even with this glaring hole the film is still very fun. The actors blow it away here, Kingsley and Guy Pearce are frankly amazing here, both very much enjoying their roles. Gwyneth Paltrow returns as Pepper Potts and has a lot more to do here, her scenes are the best frankly and you can’t help but cheer for the character a little as all the events unfold.

I will give this movie credit for having one of the best twists since “The Sixth Sense” or advertising since “Scream”. I never saw The Mandarin coming as he even claims in the movie. They caught me off guard, problem is the movie didn’t even seem to know what to do with the twist. The plot needed some help towards the end, a clear goal, the best super hero movies have strong villains with a plan. Loki in the Avengers was interesting because he was a pawn, but a dangerous one that the audience understood needed to be stopped. Killian on the other hand, I still am not clear on what he was even about. He was just bad and had to be stopped. The movie is witty and visually stunning and that alone is worth the ticket price but in the end you feel cheated, this could have been the best comic book movie ever, instead you feel like even it doesn’t know what it is half way through. The movie ends in a way that makes it seem like will never see an Iron Man 4… I doubt it of course but it’s interesting. I wish I would say this movie was amazing but really in the end “interesting” is the only word you can toss at it.

Rating: 7/10

I just wrote a post today about the Mandarin being the rumored main villain in the up coming Iron Man 3. That still stands, but some leaked set photo’s have revealed a new baddie that will pop up in the film. It’s confirmed that Iron Patriot will be in the movie. What is odd is that in the comics Iron Patriot was Norman Osborn, since his character is still owned by Sony and not Marvel, then I’m sure Iron Patriot will be someone else. It was confirmed that Coldblood/Eric Salvin will be in the movie, so maybe Salvin will be Iron Patriot. I think the real question is what will he be doing in the film? First reports said the film was based off Extremis comic book story line. With more and more info coming out, it seems the film is stepping away from that storyline a little bit. One thing we know for sure, Robert Downey Jr. is still Iron Man and that is a good thing.

This is a huge rumor, that being said this could be a big SPOILER so beware. For a long time now it was believed that the third film would follow the comic storyline called Extremis, very closely. In that story line nano-technology is a heavy factor and the villain is created from that. Then Ben Kingsley was cast in the film and everyone just assumed his baddie would be wrapped up in that story line one way or another. Well that might not be the case. It seems that Mandarin is the main villain for the film. Which if that is true that is a good move. Mandarin is Iron Man’s top bad guy in his universe. Sure in the comics that way the character was illustrated was seriously racist. Easy to erase that in the film though by just giving him the name Mandarin and giving him magical rings. This news is great. I was a little worried about this project but if Mandarin is the main villain I’m ready.

In the first Iron Man film I felt they set the way for the Mandarin. The terrorist group that captured Stark was called “Ten Rings” and was obsessed with gaining as much power as possible. So maybe they could connect that story to the third film. This movie will be the first Marvel film post Avengers and it should be huge. It will also be good to have a villain not building some giant metal suit or tech-weapon to go after Stark. It’s about time they get into the magical stuff in the Marvel universe.

It all started with the film Iron Man, Marvel Studio’s set the map for the eventual team up film based on the comics. From there we had a second Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America films. Each were pretty good but really have all been created for this film. Well I can say very easily that this project is a success. This film has changed everything. Comic book movies will never be the same again. This is all thanks to writer and director Joss Whedon, who mixed comedy with action and has made a film that is frankly rather epic.

The plot is Loki(Villain from Thor) has connected with an alien race. They make a deal. If Loki can open a gateway to Earth through the use of an energy cube, they can dominate the universe, Loki will get to rule the Earth. SHIELD, a secret agency with the goal of defending mankind from super powered jerks, sets up a plan to team Super Heroes together to defend the planet. Nick Fury(Samuel L. Jackson) leads SHIELD and bring in several agents like Black Widow(Scarlett Johannson) and Hawkeye(Jeremy Renner) to bring in other heroes. Captain America(Chris Evans) is held up after the events of his own film. Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr.) is busy building his empire. Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk(Mark Ruffalo) is hiding out to try and avoid hurting anyone.

What is hard to explain about this film is that the balance is perfect. Every actor and character gets their own good amount of screen time. Ego’s clash, heroes fight, while the villain sits back and enjoys the show. I would suggest seeing this film twice simply to listen to the funny dialogue the characters throw at each other.

A stand out here is Mark Ruffalo, his first swing at playing Banner really gives this film balance. All the other heroes pretty much enjoy their abilities. Banner does not. He essentially hates himself and Ruffalo does a fantastic job at bringing this across. Chris Evans also impressed me, a lot of it was the script, but as a fan of the character he is Captain America in my eyes.

Not surprising the strongest part of the film is the third act. When the alien invasion starts and the Avengers must team together and fight, it’s one of the most impressive action sequences to ever go on screen. The details and time that was put into this film is staggering. You’ll be jumping in your seat, you’ll cheer, you’ll shake your head and chuckle and then say: “No way!” or “awesome!”.

The only nitpicks here are some cardboard acting by some SHIELD agents and a score that can be forgotten instantly. These are so minor though I probably shouldn’t have brought them up. The film is the best comic book film to date simply because it has everything. Loki(Tom Hiddleston) eats up his scenes and is such a strong villain here. You won’t be able to help smile when he faces off with his brother Thor or tries to take down Captain America.

Do yourself a favor and see this movie on the big screen…

Rating: 10/10

I loved the first Iron Man film. It’s really just a perfect comic book movie. Minus maybe the villain being a little tame at the end, the film as a whole is strong. Iron Man 2 went the other direction. Whiplash was a strong villain, with on the greatest scenes ever(Whiplash attacking Stark on the race track). The movie though was too cluttered and just all over the place. Now Jon Favreau is out and Shane Black is in.

To me the next and obvious villain for Iron Man would be Mandarin. The terrorist group from the first film was named “The Ten Rings”. Black though has come out stating Mandarin in the comics was pretty racist(it’s true), the character was just a walking Chinese stereotype. No one would want that. I would love to have the terrorist leader return, now having ten powerful rings and goes after Iron Man on a personal level.

Instead though it has been confirmed that Sir Ben Kingsley has landed the role as the main villain, and that he won’t be Mandarin. Now mind you that could not be true. Rumor is though that Kingsley’s character would be involved in the spread of a virus of nanobots. Sorry that is just not as cool as the Mandarin.

Now that the Avengers has finished filming Marvel’s focus has turned to the money maker Iron Man. The third film directed by Shane Black is moving ahead. The film looks to have set up stages in North Carolina. You might be confused why they would film there, but a lot of films and shows have. Now rumors are all over the place to what the film will be like, who the villain would be. For me I like the first Iron Man and actually really do enjoy Iron Man 2, I know many fans dislike that film due mainly to the lack of action and stretched out dialogue scenes. Still the film worked for me on its character arch for Tony Stark. Still Iron Man 3 has only one direction to go and that’s up, I’m hoping they stray away from Avengers stuff and stick to Iron Man facing a villain one on one. I’m hoping for Mandarin, which the other two films set up in many ways(terror group in IM1 was called “The Ten Rings”). So updates will be coming along now as the film starts filming.

Rumors are running around about what exactly Marvel plans to do with all their characters. This summer we will see Thor and Captain America. I’m hoping both do pretty well but will see what audiences say. Then Marvel has The Avengers film coming down the line. That story will involve all their super heroes basically and so plots of sequels to the individual films could get mixed in with Avengers gossip. So I don’t exactly know what to think with this rumor that the Hulk would be one of the bad guys in Iron Man 3. I use “bad guy” loosely since I know Hulk in one of the “good guys”.

Frankly I bet this is coming from the Avengers. In the comics Iron Man got smacked up by the Hulk, so I could see this eventually happening in the film. I highly doubt a third Iron Man film would have the Hulk as a focus point. First that would confuse audience members that don’t know the comics, with two Hulk movies in the past people may not exactly get why he would be in a film with another character in the title.

When it comes to Iron Man 3 I think the villain should be Mandarin. He has ten magical rings, frankly I think the first film set up Mandarin pretty well. The terrorist leader who kidnaps him in the beginning would be perfect as Mandarin. His terror cell name was “The Ten Rings” and he was obsessed with power. I believe they should use him mainly because I’m tired of seeing Iron Man face off against other machine based villains. The Mandarin would be a nice switch. So I’m doubting the Hulk will be anywhere near the third film and most likely the battle between these two characters will happen in The Avengers film only.

Speculation was Favreau has simply worked himself out. He has multiple projects lined up and a new film coming out this summer. Marvel’s new stance on it’s films is really simple, they want them done sooner rather than later. They have steam rolled forward continually no matter what was standing in their way. They got Iron Man made then reboot Hulk. Now they had Iron Man 2 rushed into production followed by Thor, Captain America and Avengers. With rumors of another Hulk movie in the works along with a second Thor film(already?) the studio is just going without hesitation. So maybe Favreau wanted to slow down and they just couldn’t deal. I don’t know but this isn’t good. Marvel needs to make sure they do not mess up like they did with X-men 3 or X-men Origins or either Fantastic Four movies. They need someone who wants to continue the theme the films had. Mandarin needs to be the villain since I believe he was set up in the first film. Remember the terrorist leader with the rings? The guys group was named “The Ten Rings”… It’s perfect! Even though the rumor is IM3 would be set after the avengers and involving multiple characters. Still this news is simply not good, Iron Man was a good example of how to make a solid comic book film.