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Pixar proves that it can simply not be stopped. The film Brave which had a very low flowing advertising campaign and no one seemed to really know the plot… That didn’t stop it from making a solid $66.7 million over the weekend. It defeated the over the top animated comedy Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted which did generate $20.2 million and is climbing its way up to the $200 million domestically.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter struggled making around $16.5 million over the weekend. The movie pushed itself as a serious action film where it should have been played more like a joke. The lack of name actors probably hurt the film over all as well. I hope it does a little better because I think the idea is a lot of fun.

Prometheus finally broke the $100 million mark and also thankfully has gained closer to $200 million world wide. So with that total hopefully we will get a sequel. Snow White and the Huntsman added another $8 million and has made close to $140 million.  The biggest surprise to me this weekend was Rock of Ages falling like a rock and had only made $8 million and its total will probably not break $50 million.

Here is the list…

1. Brave $66.7 million

2. Madagascar 3 $20.2 million

3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter $16.5 million

4. Prometheus $10 million

5. Rock of Ages $8.1 million

6. Snow White and the Huntsman $8 million

7. That’s My Boy $7.9 million

8. The Avengers $7 million

9. Men in Black 3 $5.6 million

10. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World $3.8 million

Weekend Box Office: June 1-3rd

The fantasy/action flick Snow White and the Huntsman took over the top spot and pushed out the boys in black suits. The Kristen Stewart lead film made a solid $56.3 million here in the states and added a little more over seas. Not exactly Earth shattering but better than some expected. It was believed that maybe people had too much Snow White already, or possibly people cared too much about the stars than the film itself. Still the film had a good opening and will see how much it can add on over the week and the next weekend.

Men In Black 3 added almost $30 million to it’s total. Domestically the film sits at $112 million but over seas it has done gangbusters. Another film showing an odd trend that world wide people are simply more interested in the Hollywood blockbusters. Still when all is said and done I think MIB3 will be a big hit.

The Avengers is slowly just crawling up the charts as the biggest movie ever. Battleship on the other hand is struggling to gain any traction and has made $55 million in the states but somehow is going to make $300 million over seas. The rest of the weekend was rather a let down. Only other story is that Dark Shadows broke the $70 million mark in the states, I’m sure they expected more but to me that is surprising.

Here is the list…

1. Snow White and the Huntsman $56.2 million

2. Men In Black 3 $29.3 million

3. The Avengers $20.2 million

4. Battleship $4.8 million

5. The Dictator $4.7 million

6. The Best Exotic Hotel… $4.6 million

7. What to Expect When You’re Expecting $4.4 million

8. Dark Shadows $3.8 million

9. Chernobyl Diaries $3 million

10. For Great Glory $1.8 million

You sunk my battleship! Sorry I had to say it. Even with a world wide gross of $230 million the board game adaptation struggled to gain any water here in the States. The film opened with a $25.3 million debut. Standing tall a third straight weekend was The Avengers which added another $55 million to it’s total. As of right now the world wide total of $1.18 billion… That’s not that impressive… I’m joking it’s very impressive. When it coms to battleship you have to feel for Taylor Kitsch who seems like a nice guy and a solid actor, yet after John Carter and now this opening, he’s agent is going to have to scramble.

A big surprise is that the new Sacha Baron Cohen film The Dictator could only laugh up about $17.4 million over the weekend. It opened Wednesday so it’s total is $24.4 million. The film wasn’t a bank buster in production but it still must have been surprising to see it open with this much of a whimper.

Dark Shadows also proved it really didn’t have much legs. It added another $12.7 million to its total which now sits at $50.9 million, they’ll have to hope that the holiday weekend will bring in more ticket sales for the film to have a hope for breaking $100 million.

A real big surprise is the film What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which I guess was planning on doing counter programming at the box office, well that didn’t work out very well for them as it only could birth $10.5 million. Now the film might have legs as word of mouth continues but it will be no blockbuster. Now the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel only opened in 178 screens but found itself in the top ten with $3.2 million, very impressive.

It’s interesting to see that movie goers are not spreading the love, they are sticking with one block buster(The Avengers). Will see if that changes next week as MIB3 comes out. Now for some reason the hype around that film hasn’t been huge so will see if the boys in black can knock out our band of super heroes.

Here is the list…

1. The Avengers $55 million

2. Battleship $25.3 million

3. The Dictator $17.4 million

4. Dark Shadows $12.7 million

5. What to Expect When You’re Expecting $10.5 million

6. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $3.2 million

7. The Hunger Games $3 million

8. Think Like a Man $1.7 million

9. The Lucky One $1.7 million

10. The Pirates! Band of Misfits $1.4 million

This was a really slow weekend… Really slow, maybe people are just waiting for The Avengers next weekend. The number one film again was Think Like A Man as it made $18 million over the weekend. The film has reached $60 million which is really strong since the film only cost a little over $12 million to produce. More surprising to me is that the film The Pirates! Band of Misfits landed in second with $11.4 million. Might not seem very impressive but the film really didn’t have a strong ad campaign and has made over $63 million over seas already. The man behind Wallace and Gromit made this so I’m hoping for the best for it.

Zac Efron’s romantic flick The Lucky One rounded up $11.3 million after having a decent opening weekend. The film may not have the legs The Vow did but it’s still going pretty strong. Behind it was the The Hunger Games which has made enough money already lets admit it. The big surprise for me is that The Fire-Year Engagement made only $11 million. Thought this film would have opened big. It’s budget wasn’t large and I’m sure word of mouth will help it out.

Jason Statham’s action movie Safe and the Poe thriller The Raven really didn’t seem to engage anyone, because both films struggle to reach $8 million. It seems like no one really wanted to go to the movies this weekend. Maybe the NBA and NHL playoffs had a piece in this… Who knows. I’m sure next week that will all change.

Here is the list…

1. Think Like A Man $18 million

2. The Pirates! Band of Misfits $11.4 million

3. The Lucky One $11.3 million

4. The Hunger Games $11.1 million

5. The Five-Tear Engagement $11 million

6. Safe $7.7 million

7. The Raven $7.2 million

8. Chimpanzee $5.4 million

9. The Three Stooges $5.3 million

10. The Cabin in the Woods $4.5 million


The what beat The Hunger Games? I’lld admit I don’t know a lot about the film titled “Think Like a Man” made $33 million bucks over the weekend. Just to prove how much of a surprise this is the studio was expecting to not even make half that much. The book it’s based off of it very popular and stand up comedian Kevin Hart may have talked a lot of people into checking this out. Still this weekend was suppose to be quiet as the summer movie explosion is approaching, this is a good sign for studio’s who may see some serious big wins before we even get half way into May.

Zac Efron’s The Lucky One won over people’s hearts and made a very solid $22 million over the weekend. This film may really help launch Efron, his career hit a road bump when audiences wildly ignored Charlie St. Cloud. It will be interesting to see if the film will have legs like the recent romantic film The Vow did, that film now sits at $124 million.

The Hunger Games dropped to third, don’t be too sad for Katniss and crew though, the film still hunted up about $14 million. The film now sits at a total of $356 million and is close to breaking the $400 million bench mark. This franchise is obviously one of the strongest to come around recently.

The rest of the box office is rather shrug worthy. Families came out and supported Chimpanzee, which is really good and the film rounded up $10 million bucks. The Three Stooges dropped pretty hard but still made $9.2 million over the weekend and has almost made $30 million over all, which is a surprise to me. Sadly The Cabin in the Woods hasn’t exactly gained strong legs adding only $7.7 million to its total. To the films credit though it’s a genre film that a hard time marketing itself. So maybe you take the almost $30 million made as a huge win.

Next week a flurry of movies come out to try and make some cash before the summer battle begins, the list is huge: Safe, The Raven, Bernie, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, The Five Year Engagement… I mean there is simply not enough room for all of these movies. Should be interesting to see how things play out.

Here is the list…

1. Think Like a Man $33 million

2. The Lucky One $22.8 million

3. The Hunger Game $14.5 million

4. Chimpanzee $10.2 million

5. The Three Stooges $9.2 million

6. The Cabin in the Woods $7.7 million

7. American Reunion $5.2 million

8. Titanic 3D $5 million

9. 21 Jump Street $4.6 million

10. Mirror Mirror $4.1 million

The Hunger Games opened big, I mean really big, this weekend The Hunger Games made $155 million over the weekend. That’s the third best opening of all time, behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 and The Dark Knight. The film based off the popular teen novel made young people swoon over it’s love triangle, other messages might have went over people’s heads as crowds cheered on the death scenes of many tributes, but that’s not the point. Not to be out done 21 Jump Street still round up $21 million, obviously fueled by good word of mouth.

The Lorax has found itself a great little spot with families as it added $13 million to it’s total and slowly the film is approaching $200 million. Sadly John Carter has struggled to hold on to an audience. Over whelmed by The Hunger Games old JC got only $5 over the weekend and it’s clear now the film may struggle to get to $80 million. Luckily thought for Disney is that the rest of the world isn’t as thick as American audiences and the film is on it’s way to a $200 million mark.

The rest of the list is pretty much the same with almost every movie barely making $1 million bucks. Journey 2 and Safe House are still kicking it. Some movie I never heard of before called October Baby(Horrible title) made it to 8th with $1.7 million. Pretty impressive since I’ve never heard of it before.

Here is the list…

1. The Hunger Games $155 million

2. 21 Jumps Street $21.3 million

3. The Lorax $13.1 million

4. John Carter $5 million

5. Act of Valor $2 million

6. Project X $1.9 million

7. A Thousand Words $1.8 million

8. October Baby $1.7 million

9. Safe House $1.4 million

10. Journey 2 $1.3 million

Hollywood sure loves the 1980’s since they want to remake everything that came out during that time period. 21 Jump Street though added it up a bit by mixing in some strange but very funny comedy and it looks like it was a winning formula. The comedy raked in $35 million over the weekend which is pretty impressive. What this also does is cement Channing Tatum as a true super star, with The Vow sitting around $121 million and now this movie opening really well, I won’t be surprised seeing him attached to a lot of other projects.

The Lorax has hit a chord with families though and I’m sure the 3D bonus on top of that helps. It added another $22.4 million to its total. Sitting at $158 million the film could easily break the $200 million mark. In sad news John Carter only added another $13.5 million. People need to go out and see that film as I see it as a science fiction classic. The good news is though the film is doing rather well over seas, which one should question do people living outside of the United States have better taste? That’s a debate I’ll save for later.

Strangely A Thousand Words and Project X are sticking around and hanging out in the middle of the pack. Both films are doing alright but neither could really be considered hits either. Journey 2 actually moved up a couple spots and is creeping closer to the $100 million mark domestically, though maybe that doesn’t matter since over seas it has made $200 million already.

A lot of other films opened in limited theaters and are doing very well, Will Ferrell’s Spanish comedy Casa De Mi Padre made $2.2 million on just a little over 300 screens. Jeff Who Lives At Home and Salmon Fishing on the Yemen are doing strong on limited screens as well. Hope all these films get a little expansion. I don’t fully believe in the limited screen idea either. People around the country should be able to decide what movies they want to see in theaters.

Anyway most of the films simply plan to survive as next week brings The Hunger Games. Here is the list…

1. 21 Jump Street $35 million

2. The Lorax $22.8 million

3. John Carter $13.5 million

4. Project X $4 million

5. A Thousand Words $3.6 million

6. Act of Valor $3.6 million

7. Safe House $2.8 million

8. Journey 2… $2.4 million

9. Casa De Mi Padre $2.2 million

10. This Means War $2.1 million

Audiences responded very well the adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax and showed up in droves. The film raked in over $70 million in the first three days of release. The film has been bashed a little for being a mess but I guess none of that matters. I’m sure the 3D charge helped push the finally tally up a bit. Still this opening is the best a Dr. Seuss movie has done. The team behind films like HOP and Despicable Me made this and I guess are slated to make a lot more films as they seem to just only hit home runs. At this pace The Lorax could be on of the biggest films of 2012.

Sadly landing in the second spot was the teen party film Project X. The R-rated “found footage” flick partied up about $20 million over the weekend. Sad to see people responding to this film like this when good comedies like Wanderlust are out and getting ignored. The film was rather cheap so it looks like this film will be a solid hit.

Fighting strong was the Navy Seals movie Act of Valor, the #1 movie last week feel to the third but brought in a solid $13.7 million. It has gathered almost $50 million in total which is pretty solid, not a block buster but pretty good for an R-rate action film. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island just keeps kicking it and added another $6 million, bringing its total to a little over $85 which is pretty impressive.

The Vow and Safe House are also still sticking around. Both films have broken the $100 million mark and are solid hits. A total bright spot for the studios that two none franchise films already breaking that mark is a good sign. With other films also doing really well 2012 looks like it could be a real good year for movies.

It should be noted that The Artist got a huge bump from its Oscar wins. It broke into the top ten even after being out for months. Making almost $4 million. Still that film should be getting seen by many more people. Wanderlust and Gone amazingly have already dropped out of the top ten.

Next week John Carter comes out… As a nerd I suggest everyone go see this film. I will say this because I’m biased. I hope it does well. I want sequels because that franchise is amazing.

Here is the list…

1. The Lorax $70.7 million

2. Project X $20.7 million

3. Act of Valor $13.7 million

4. Safe House $7.2 million

5. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds $7.1 million

6. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $6.9 million

7. The Vow $6.1 million

8. This Means War $5.6 million

9. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance $4.7 million

10. The Artist $3.9 million

Weekend Box Office: Feb. 24-26th

It’s Oscar weekend which usually means a little drag at the box office, that was kind of true this weekend as nothing really impressed. The top dog was Act of Valor, that’s the one with the active Navy Seals in it, the movie shot up enough dough to take the top spot. Making almost $25 million which is pretty impressive. Rumor is the film only cost $12 million but has spent up to almost $80 million in advertising(What!?!? How is that possible?). Still very impressive an action film with an R-rating took the top spot. Maybe the ads did a good enough job to wrap people up in pro-American stuff that people maybe felt that had to see this movie.

Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds” made a solid $16 million and landed in second place. This is not a place Tyler Perry is used to being, his films usually make it to the top spot and make over $20 million in the first weekend. Sadly though Wanderlust and the new Amanda Seyfried film Gone barely made a dent in the box office. It’s possible those films could gain some legs as the next couple weeks go by.

Mysterious Island 2 has become a surprise hit, landing in the third spot this weekend and adding another $13 million to its total. It’s close to making $80 million domestically and has made an extra $128 million world wide, it’s a hit people! The Rock can not be stopped.

A couple of the nominated films still in theaters got a boost as The Artist and Descendants made some extra cash as the Oscars approached. On top of that The Vow was the first film in 2012 to cross the $100 mark. Safe House is not far behind and should break that mark in a couple of days. Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance is dropping like a rock and will have to battle to get to $50 million total. This Means War is amazingly still sticking around after being somewhat ignored because of The Vow. Here is the list…

1. Act of Valor $24.7 million

2. Good Deeds $16 million

3. Journey 2 The Mysterious Island $13.4 million

4. Safe House $11.4 million

5. The Vow $10 million

6. Ghost Rider the Spirit of Vengeance $8.8 million

7. This Means War $8.5 million

8. Wanderlust $6.6 million

9. Gone $5 million

10. The Secret World of Arrietty $4.5 million

Weekend Box Office: Feb. 17-19th

It’s very rare that a film takes the top spot in the box office in its second week… Well not for Denzel Washington! Safe House took the top spot in a big surprise. Even more surprising is that people are really going to the movies recently. Safe House gained another $24 million to its total and could easily break the beloved $100 million mark. The Valentines Day hit The Vow dropped a bit as every couple who wanted to see that film did already, still that movie is a hit.

The Ghost Rider sequel didn’t start a fire at the box office but made a solid $22 million. It will be interesting to see if this film has any legs over the next two weeks until any larger films open. It must be noted the first Ghost Rider made $45 million in 2007 during its opening weekend. That movie was more of tent pole film though. This sequel went down a silly route, so I’m sure the studio wasn’t expecting huge returns.

Amazingly to me the MCG directed This Means War didn’t really catch with audiences. It has only made $17 million so far which surprises me. The adds I thought very much would attract average movie viewers. It’s no secret this film had issues though, rumor is the script and production kicked around for over a decade.

Only other news is The Secret World of Arrietty landed in ninth with almost $7 million. I find that as a good sign since the film was barely even advertised in the United States. Also Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has some solid legs and added another $20 million to its total, good for the Rock.

Here is the list…

1. Safe House $24 million

2. The Vow $23.6 million

3. Ghost Rider: Spirit of… $22 million

4. Journey 2… $20 million

5. This Means War $17.5 million

6. Star Wars: Episode 1 3D $7.8 million

7. Chronicle $7.5 million

8. The Woman in Black $6.6 million

9. The Secret World of Arrietty $6.4 million

10. The Grey $3 million