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Now the reboot of Spider-man titled “Amazing Spider-man” was pretty terrible. They got a lot more wrong than right. Only the actors kept the thing afloat. Problem is they pitched the movie to the right group(teens) and the movie made some cash, far less than the previous three films before it but whatever. Rumors have been tossed around wildly about what the plot was going to be. Now if Foxx will play Electro that confuses things a little bit. I thought for sure the Green Goblin would be the villain but I guess not. Now they have kind of an open slate with this film, the reboot needed to start over again and essentially showed us stuff we’ve already seen, they just did it badly. They then ruined a famous villain in the Lizard. Thankfully Electro isn’t really a classic baddie, he can be changed and used in any way they like. Foxx is a great actor and him playing a villain sounds like a lot of fun, problem is he’s so likable, he’ll need to be extra bad for an audience to care more about the wise cracking Spider-man than him.

Don’t rub your eyes, you’ve seen this story before, high schooler Peter Parker is bitten by a genetic changed spider, gains super powers, learns that with great power comes… Well he learns it but those words are never really used. It’s a lot like Spiderman that came out in 2002, yet it somehow feels older than that film, the movie is dark in tone, graphics are a mess and in the end they squeezed the fun out of Spider-man. Now not everything is bad here, the actors are actually better, it’s closer to the comics in many ways, but its when it decides to stray from the comic that things get really messy and really silly.

This series really shouldn’t have been rebooted, a sequel would have worked fine. I get the interest though in rebooting it, you get a new at bat(Sorry for the baseball lingo). The bonus to that though is we get Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and he is frankly perfect for the role. I buy him as a geek, he also handled all the emotional scenes very well. Really there is a lot more weighing on Garfield since the movie itself is a mess and none of that is his fault. He and Emma Stone who plays Gwen Stacy are so good together on screen you almost forget all the other nonsense that happens… Almost. They along with the other actors really try and it shows and frankly they almost save this sinking ship… Again, almost. We get Spider-man’s intro AGAIN accept this time we are introduced to his parents who will probably come up in sequels but are barely important to this film.

Martin Sheen plays Uncle Ben, his screen time is limited but when he is there his heart is felt on screen. He and Garfield are very good together. Sally Field plays Aunt May who has even less screen time, but I’m sure as more movies come along she’ll get a little more to do. Uncle Ben’s character though and what happens to him is where the movie really starts to slip, as a reboot we go through everything again… So they had to change Spider-man’s creation a little, which frankly is pointless. Instead of Ben being killed while waiting for Parker, he is killed trying to stop a robber. Peter in a weird way could have maybe stopped the man. He knows what the guy looks like and learns that the robber had a star tattoo on his left wrist. This is what leads Parker to become Spider-man… To find this man and get revenge. So he goes out and attacks any criminal that looks like the killer. That is simply stupid.

The films other huge problem was the villain, Rhys Ifans plays Dr. Curt Connors who knew Parker’s father. He is missing his right arm, so he dedicated his scientific career to help those who are impaired. This leads him to testing a formula Parker help create on himself. This turns him into a human sized Lizard. It also seemingly makes him go insane as he then tries to turn every citizen of New York into Lizard people. First problem is the Lizard looks nothing like he does in the comics, maybe wears him lab coat once, he has human face… They got everything wrong. Even to the end where Connors is essentially looked at as a terrorist.

The action I have to say is very solid in places, a fight between Spider-man and the Lizard in the high school is very impressive. Still what plagued Spider-man 3 essentially hurts this film. They simply had too much to do. They re-started the franchise, introducing us again to Peter, they brought in his parents story line, Uncle Ben’s death, Peter’s love story with Gwen Stacy, The Lizard’s arch… It was just too much. A lot felt rushed and it became clear why they rebooted it this quickly. They are using this film as a launching pad for others.

I don’t mean to be this negative, there are a lot of positives, the acting is really strong and worth the price of admission. The direction is a mess as is the story. They tried to ground Spider-man too much, like Nolan’s Batman films somehow was a shadow over this movie. You cannot make a movie based in a “real world” when having the villain be the Lizard, it just doesn’t work. After seeing this film I simply sat back and wish that Sony let Marvel take this product back.

Rating: 5/10

So Sony seems very confident their reboot of Spider-man is going to do very well. Since they have announced the sequel is already being planned for 2014. Um, first off from what I can tell the reboot isn’t being received very well from actual audience members. When seeing Captain America, the theater I was in most people booed or hissed at the trailer when it was finished. Most people don’t seem to understand why the story is being repeated. The term “too soon” comes up a lot. It seems when it comes to comic book movies studios are very determined to make the sequels work no matter what fans say. Sony standing tall on this remake and WB going along with Green Lantern 2(which I think is a good idea) is proof of that. I guess I should wait and see the The Amazing Spider-man but from the pictures and the teaser trailer I have a fear they have dropped the ball badly, can’t imagine the sequel would be much better.

This reboot has to still win me over. I’m not excited by a lot of the rumors and the new suit just looks off. Still I like Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey so will see. The news has been released that Marc Webb’s Spider-man will be called The Amazing Spider-man. I don’t see how it could have been titled anything different. Plain old Spider-man would have been too confusing to non-nerd audiences. You can’t call it Spider-man 4 since it is a reboot and I believe will go over a lot of plot lines that the original three films went over. Also it’s funny that it’s being called that since the studio and Sam Raimi almost called Spider-man 2 “The Amazing Spider-man”.

I’m not thrilled about this reboot. I liked Raimi’s films. Spider-man 3 was a mess but not really Raimi’s fault as the studio pushed Venom into the script last minute. Raimi wanted Sandman and Vulture to test Spider-man. The addition of the black suit mixed with Harry’s down fall and Sandman was too much. Then instead of setting up another movie they tossed Venom in at the end to get some more cash. Then they kick Raimi off the Spider-man 4 and plan to reboot the entire thing. So now we are going to get a story that is not even a decade old. People still remember the first film well. How are they going to tell the same story over again without boring everyone to tears? It will be interesting to see how this will come together. Right now I’m not thrilled.

Rumors are flying around the web about how the Spider-man reboot is going horribly wrong. I’ve kept my mouth shut on the topic only bringing up villain rumors. There are some things about the remake I love, first off Garfield is a perfect choice for Peter Parker and Spider-man, he just looks right for the role and The Social Network proved he is a solid actor. Emma Stone being Gwenn Stacey works for me mainly because she is just so funny and charming. That’s what I want from the female lead in Spider-man. Also it seems they have brought back the web shooters. In the original trilogy Sam Raimi avoided the web shooters and just had Spider-man mutate to the ability to shoot webs from his wrist. The web shooters prove Parker is science nerd and opens up possibilities for drama in the action. The main problem is I think the web shooters may confuse Spider-man fans who only have seen the movies, but in the end who cares, read the comics.

I do have problems with the remake though too. I hate the choice for director in Marc Webb. I’m not a hater it’s just he makes one solid romantic comedy and he gets the biggest remake of the decade? It screams Tim Story and the Fantastic Four. Spider-man is about a young super hero, it’s not about teen angst and trying to get a girl. Okay well it is but that’s a minor part. It seems Sony is just trying to get teens interested in the film, problem is the fan base is kids and nerds who loved the comics and that ranges from many ages. Kids and nerds want the same thing, great action and villains. So why hire Webb? He’s cheap I guess and a lot of Indie kids liked 500 Days of Summer so he’ll make a Spider-man movie they love. Also I hate that it’s in 3D… Seems pointless if they are lowering the budget and trying to make Spider-man more about Peter Parker and his life, but then proclaim the film will be in stunning 3D. Why? If you don’t want big action why have the 3D? My final complaint is the stories about who the villain would be. I’m happy they are not attempting the Green Goblin and Doc Ock again. They just have thrown around too many weird options, I loved the idea of the Lizard, that should always be the first villain in my opinion. Then though rumors of Proto-Goblin have been swirling around. What a horrible idea! That villain is a B-baddie and would just make the film feel off. Stick to the original stories the comics gave you! I’m hoping for the best with this remake but there is a piece of me hoping it fails so Marvel can buy the franchise back.

Rhys Ifans will be the Lizard!

A day ago I posted Ifans was to play a villain in the Spider-man film. Well rumors now have it confirmed Ifans will play Doctor Curt Connors who subjecting himself to his own experiments turns himself into a monster. This is perfect for the reboot. Lizard being the main and only villain plays strong to a film where the main focus for the audience to get to know this new Peter Parker. The Lizard is a menace and a serious threat. Also if done the right way could actually be very scary. It’s a shame they booted Raimi from the series, his Lizard would have been amazing. Will see how Webb does though. So far things seem pretty good for this reboot, will see once shooting begins how the look of the film is and if they are going to do this right. Good choice for the villain though.

It was announced today that British actor Rhys Ifans will be the main and only villain in the Spider-man reboot. He has been acting for a while now in movies here and there. He is a fine choice but no one knows who he will be. The major rumor was the villain for the reboot would be the Lizard. I don’t see Dr. Connors when I look at this guy but who knows maybe I’m wrong and he could rock it and the Lizard. If I had to guess I would say he would play Electro mainly because of his body type and that Electro would be a fine choice for a reboot. His character is pretty basic when it comes to powers, he just shoots electric bolts from his hands. With Garfield(Not the cat) and Emma Stone confirmed for the cast things are looking up for the reboot. Still there is a lot up in the air. I’ll wait and see who Ifans will play in the movie and I’m not real pumped about Marc Webb directing it. I love Raimi and dug his versions so Webb has a steep climb but hopefully he will surprise me.

Rising star Emma Stone(Zombieland, Easy A) is in the running to play one of two female leads in the upcoming Spider-man reboot. If this is true I fully support this. She seems like the only option in mind to play Watson. She is very likable and a solid actress. Her back ground in comedy is help full as well to help audiences forget Dunst who played Watson very well in my opinion in the previous movies.

Now I still don’t fully support the Spider-man reboot. Rumors were the only reason Raimi was booted from the franchise was him demanding to only having one villain in Spider-man 4. That baddie was going to be the Vulture. Personally I think that character would work well on screen. Now Marc Webb is directing and I simply don’t have faith that he can do the movie justice. Will see though, the rumor that the Lizard would be the main villain in the film gives me some hope.