Right now America is caught up in some crazy politics, watching GOP candidates beat on each other verbally to try and win the nomination. One mistake can send a career into a tail spin. So it’s perfect timing for the Ides of March to come out. The plot follows Governor Mike Morris(George Clooney) is trying to win the Democratic primary in Ohio. He has one of the best in Stephen Myers(Ryan Gosling)who is a young and overly ambitious idealist who has basically bet all in on Morris. He butts heads with the storied campaign manager, Paul Zara(Phillip Seymour Hoffman). Once Stephen makes the mistake of taking a meeting with the rival candidates campaign manager(Paul Giamatti) everything starts to spiral out of control.

George Clooney is simply a master, his directing skills for a film like this are frankly amazing. This film feels old school but yet it’s so overly modern. Even though the film focuses on a Democratic primary the film never feels overly political. The behind the scenes nonsense that goes on in politics is just hard not to be interested in. The best thing Clooney did is allowed the actors some breathing room. There are no quick cuts every actor gets time with their scenes. For us it pays off. Of course Ryan Gosling stands out here, the guy is simply a movie star, every time he is on screen it’s hard not to watch him. Hoffman chews through his lines and comes off as a man who has really seen the rough battle of politics year after year. I just eat up everything about this film.

Even the romance between Gosling’s character and a twenty year old intern, played by the amazing Evan Rachel Wood doesn’t feel forced. Frankly it’s one of the most important moments in the film. I really don’t want to go into detail about the plot. The trailers did a good job of keeping everything in the dark. Just know that this film is very current and Clooney playing Mike Morris is very brave since decisions he makes in the film are not exactly classy. It’s a brave film and every actor gives it all and frankly the movie is just a pure treat to anyone who enjoys film.

Ides of March is important too because many Americans need to realize that politics in this country has simply turned into a dog fight. People using dirt and lies to control others and manipulate voters. Even though the characters are great and well written and the actors are all top notch, you very much feel disconnected to all of them. Everyone minus one major character is lying all the time. The world of politics that sets America’s leadership is essentially flawed, this movie plays with that and is like a huge wake up call. The film is lightly flawed as once the plot is fleshed out, it’s rather basic, and the film feels rather short. These are minor flaws though in an over all great experience.

Rating: 7.5/10