This weekend was a little rough for movies. First off it was Halloween weekend so many mindless drunks went out dressed in horrible costumes. Too busy to go to the movies. There was also the World Series game 7 on friday, plus the East Coast got covered in snow. With all that in mind it’s pretty impressive so many movies made money this weekend. Oddly enough the top spot went to Puss in Boots even though it’s the Halloween weekend. The film did alright with a $34 million opening. Compared to other animated films it’s not super impressive, but on the other hand this character doesn’t have a huge following. Still with the 3D charges you would think this film would have made more.

Paranormal Activity 3 fell to second place but almost make twenty million. The film is now close to the $100 mark which is very impressive. Good work by the studio to actually release this film near Halloween unlike most horror films that for some reason come out in August. The new sci-fi film In Time landed in third with $12 million, not exactly impressive but if you factor in the competition and other issues going on this weekend, it’s not that bad. The film is a step up for director Andrew Niccol whose Gattaca in 1997 made ONLY $12 million.

The only other real story here is that The Rum Diary only made $5 million dollars. Surprising since Johnny Depp usually just rakes in cash no matter what he is in. I think this week there is simply too much competition for all these films to stand out on their own. It’s a shame.

Here is the list…

1. Puss in Boots $34 million

2. Paranormal Activity 3 $18.5 million

3. In Time $12 million

4. Footloose $5.4 million

5. The Rum Diary $5 million

6. Real Steel $4.7 million

7. The Three Musketeers $3.5 million

8. The Ides of March $2.7 million

9. Moneyball $2.4 million

10. Courages $1.8 million