I had no idea this movie was happening. Pixar is simply amazing, even their weakest films are pretty great. For me, my least favorite film from them is Cars. Yet that movie is still very enjoyable, I just don’t find it as deep as some of their other movies. The Toy Story trilogy, WallE, The Increadibles, UP, are all classics in my opinion. This summer we are getting a sequel to Cars simply called, Cars 2. The plot seems to be basically our heroes doing a James Bond type story just with all cars. Rumors about other possible films were being rumbled but now they have announced a Monsters Inc. sequel. I loved the first film, it was clever and very cute. This second film will be called MONSTERS UNIVERSITY and follows our lead monsters are they learned their scare tactics. So this film I guess is actually a prequel. That is a good move since the first film pretty much wrapped everything up… SPOILER… The monsters learned laughter was more powerful than screams, so they changed their society to focus on making kids laugh instead of scaring the shit out of them. There would be nothing else to do in a sequel, so setting it before what happens in Monsters Inc. just makes sense. For me though I kind of wish Pixar would avoid sequels to these films and continue making original content. The only sequel I want to see is either a WallE sequel or Increadibles sequel. Still I know I’ll be buying a ticket for this one so in the end Pixar an do whatever they want and I’ll see it.