I’m confused by audiences these days, I saw the box office report and scratched my head. Maybe families will just take their kids to anything but I was rather surprised to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 win the weekend. I don’t remember when the first on came out, I also don’t remember it doing that well. Guess it did since people came out to see this one. I’m biased towards this movie mainly because of the commercial which only shows little kids singing and dancing to Ke$ha. I’m also just a little tired of family movies that are not Pixar or good Dreamworks films. I feel like they are a huge piece to why Hollywood is pushing for less and less adult films these days. Oh well I guess. Zack Snyder’s new movie Sucker Punch landed in the second spot with around 20 million, which is good since reviews were pretty bad. What is more impressive is that Limitless and The Lincoln Lawyer dropped very little of their audience from last week and are showing the have solid legs. Battle: Los Angeles is dropping pretty hard since it opened big but the film is still on a steady pace for 100 million. Rango broke the 100 million dollar mark and is sticking around in the middle of the pack. It has to be noted that Mars Needs Moms is hands down the biggest flop of the year since the film cost over 150 million to make and as of today it’s in the tenth spot and sits right under 20 million. Maybe that film will help what I said earlier, families won’t just go see anything because it had a “kid stamp” on it.

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid… $24.4 million

2. Sucker Punch $19.1 million

3. Limitless $15.2 million

4. The Lincoln Lawyer $11 million

5. Rango $9.8 million

6. Battle: Los Angeles $7.6

7. Paul $7.5 million

8. Red Riding Hood $4.3 million

9. The Adjustment Bureau $4.2 million

10. Mars Needs Moms $2.2 million