Batman is hands down one of the most popular comic book characters and most popular pop culture icon. As Nolan works on his final piece of his Batman film the studio is already planning on future films. The studio basically plans on rebooting the franchise but threw out this “But Nolan will watch over the project”. That is nonsense, even if Nolan produces his presence will be minimal. I think rebooting the franchise after Dark Knight Rises is frankly a horrible idea. I know many are waiting to see how the Spider-man reboot will do domestically. Are people ready for reboots of franchises that ended only a couple years ago? Personally I think reboots are stupid ad pointless. I prefer sequels like what they did with Tron. Rebooting Batman might mean we have to sit through another origin story. Batman Begins worked because frankly on film we never really saw Bruce Wayne’s origin. Now that we have and Begins is a film a lot of people remember, why would you reboot? Why not just make sequels of Nolan’s films. Just small tweaks like adding a science fiction element which would allow many more of Batman’s rogue gallery to be seen on film. I think it’s very possible to have Nolan’s “real world” gritty vibe mixed with comic book science fiction. I’d like to see Clayface, Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy with a darker tone. So come on WB don’t reboot! Give us characters we haven’t seen before. I feel like this movie is a cop out just to bring The Joker out again on screen.