Angelina Jolie played the original Tomb Raider in two films. The first movie was a bloated mess with a couple good action set pieces. The games for Tomb Raider have been huge hits and the theme is basically a female Indiana Jones. The first film though kind of got bloated where it opened with her fighting a giant robot. The villains were all over the place and wanted an object that could stop time or something. It was just too much, it made money though so a second film came out and was pretty much more of the same. That film though was critically panned and did not make the amount of cash the first one did.

It’s been a while and sequel rumors and reboot rumors would surface time to time. Well now it seems more official that a reboot is going to happen. I’m down, this franchise should and could be great. They should look at Indiana Jones, make the series more real and gritty. No robots, or monsters, you can have realistic villains too. Finding artifacts is a story most audiences love. So have Lara cave diving and being chased by dudes with machine guns. There are a number of actresses I think could rock the role, Emmy Rossum, Olivia Wilde or Gemma Arterton I think would be at the top of my list. So I wish the best to this franchise and I’ll be there when it opens.