Twilight is pulling a Harry Potter if you didn’t know and splitting up the final part of the franchise. Well production on Breaking Dawn Part Two has hit some major speed bumps. Shooting has reportedly been delayed because of harsh weather conditions hitting Vancouver. Below freezing temperatures and heavy snow storms has made it impossible for them to get their scenes finished. Most of the cast have returned to Los Angeles until the weather calms down. The movie will be fine since the first part of Breaking Dawn doesn’t come out till the summer. Still the delays could hurt the schedules for the stars like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson who have films lined up once Twilight has finished shooting. I myself have never read the books, I tried reading the first one after the film came out, but frankly I got bored and stopped. I admit I thought the third film was a solid action/romance film and I find myself very interested in Breaking Dawn. So will see how this all goes.