Universal has straight out down the gauntlet on how they plan to make movies. The studio is now dropping many major original projects and are pushing reboots and sequels not caring where they come from. In 2005 they made a DOOM film based off the video game. It had the Rock and Karl Urban with the hype that the film was going to be like Alien and other loved sci-fi films. Then when the film came out everyone was tricked basically since the film was one of the silliest movies ever made. So now the studio is already rebooting the franchise which could be good, but it won’t be. You know Universal is planning on making a pg-13 lack or gore or violence crap fest. I will harp on this until it stops, but studios have no balls or pride in their film making anymore. They want movies that can be attached to merchandise and made so every teen from Cali to Maine can see it. It’s pathetic. The game DOOM is a classic first person shooter. Basically we follow marines sent to a base on Mars after a gate way is opened to hell and demons spread across the base. The movie should be hard core and violent. I’m sure the studio will chicken out and not go for an R rating especially since they have it planned to be in 3D. So this is good news, but possibly bad news as well.