Do you know who Kellan Lutz is? Neither do I, just kidding I know who he is but I just don’t really care for his acting very much. He has a smaller role in the Twilight films, I guess though Lutz has put his name in to replace Matt Damon as Bourne. Not sure how to take this news, would much rather have Damon return for a final installment where he beats a bunch of terrorist ass. Instead it looks like they want to go younger and of course do a prequel for Bourne. I have a couple problems with this, Bourne is cool because he’s on the run. What would we see in a prequel? We know what Bourne did before Identity. He would go on missions, mostly dirty evil missions and kill people. A movie just about that would pretty much suck. So why even go down that road? Also Kellan Lutz, no offense to him but he’s a nobody. Remember the bill boards that read “Matt Damon is Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum”. Don’t really see people lining up for “Kellan Lutz is Jason Bourne is the Bourne Redundancy”. If they were smart they would just toss $80 million or some crazy number at Damon. Or do what WB did to keep Christopher Nolan around. Make a deal where Damon can green light any project he wants if he returns for Bourne. I personally think that works for everyone since Damon is pretty solid when it comes to producing and writing. So work on getting Damon back, hiring some young dude to play Bourne just won’t work. No one cares about Bourne before Identity it’s a story we’ve seen several times.