Rumors came up and were quickly shot down that a CGI rendered Joker would have a scene or two in Nolan’s third Batman film. I highly doubt that anything regarding the Joker will be in the film. Maybe a reference to what the character did in The Dark Knight, but that’s it. I believe Nolan has too much respect for Heath Ledger to do that. Also the Joker’s story line is finished, doing anything more would just be pointless. I think the Joker has joined the ranks of beloved villains like Boba Fett and Venom. Go online and you’ll see fans demanding to see these characters as much as possible. Many on Star Wars boards want a Boba Fett movie(Never going to happen), you see others when debating the Spider-man reboot call for Venom to be the villain in the first film(We already know it’s going to be the Lizard). I think people love the Joker character so much they simply want more. I look forward to the third Nolan Batman film and I trust it will be amazing since the first two were. I frankly am ready for them to move on from the Joker and focus on other characters.