Johnny Depp signed a mega deal with Disney which assured him truck loads of cash and made sure he was signed on for three more Pirates of the Caribbean films. Now of course this makes sense since the original trilogy made over 1 billion dollars. A fourth film is on its way which will not have Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley but just Johnny Depp starring as Captain Jack Sparrow. This is probably fine with most people since the character was everyones favorite. The fourth film titles “On Stranger Tides” was going to be a stand alone film. Disney though I guess was so please from what they have seen that they have green lit two more sequels. Just like Dead Man’s Chest and At Worlds End these two films will be made back to back. Disney for sure wants too keep this franchise going since The Sorcerers Apprentice and Prince of Persia failed to become tent pole franchises, which Disney was expecting they will push Pirates until the well is dry. I don’t know how I feel about this, the first one is frankly a solid adventure film that I believe will be remembered as a classic. The second film had the best action and some great moments but led to a third film which was just a horrible mess. Now sure Stranger Tides has a new director and maybe a film focused mostly on Jack Sparrow actually could have more balance and fun as it goes along. So I’m ready for this fourth film I’m just not sure if we really need three more of these films.