The casting is now pretty clear for the entire film with the hero, villain, heroin and now with this news the Spiderman reboot now becomes pretty clear. Martin Sheen is fine casting he should work fine, also Sally Field is in the running to play Aunt May. So yes the characters are younger than the first Spiderman films. This news though really bothers me, not because of the actors but because it shows a choice they had made for the story. They are obviously going to go through the origin story again, I think this is beyond a horrible idea. This will make audiences roll their eyes. Unless we see Uncle Ben through multiple flash backs or something this means will see him killed all over again. For me this is very boring, I don’t care about another look at the origin I want just more Spiderman stories. Now thankfully the villain will be the Lizard, my problem is that I’m getting a vibe that Lizard won’t be a key part of the film. I love that character, maybe because I’m a Godzilla fan and the Lizard is simply a mini-Gojira. So will see where this all goes but I bet I’m not the only nerd out there who is just a little worried about this project. I will throw my cards down and say I don’t believe in Marc Webb, he made a fine comedy about break ups but I’m getting a Fantastic 4 vibe here. Fox hired Tim Story because of his Barbershop movies, their thinking was Fantastic 4 is about family, and he made good movies about families so perfect! Problem is he didn’t understand comic books so his two Fantastic 4 movies sucked, and are also being rebooted. When it comes to Spiderman sure Webb might be good at romantic angst, but is he good at action scenes? Will the Spiderman vs. Lizard scenes be epic or just a let down? I’m worried. Letting Sam Raimi go was a huge mistake, sure Spiderman 3 was corny and a mess at times, not all of that was his fault, producers pushed Venom on him by the way. At least Raimi knew the comics. So will see how this goes.