The game Silent Hill was solid. Fun to play at like midnight so you could play with the lights off and scare yourself for no reason. The film actually wasn’t bad, it actually was scary in several moments and had such violent imagery that I really have never forgotten the movie. To this day I make the claim that it is still one of the best films based on a video game. The Tomb Raider films failed and became so corny they could not be watched. I don’t get how they messed those up actually, a hot girl treasure hunting in caves fighting animals and bad guys, how do you mess that up? Anyway then the DOOM movie attempted to be scary and then suddenly it went stupid, sure it’s fun to watch with friends and laugh at but it’s actually not a scary film. So Silent Hill almost stands alone as a good video game adapted film.

After the first film came out I always wondered why a sequel wasn’t fast tracked, maybe the film didn’t do that well in the box office. Possibly the idea of making the film 3D could have pushed it along. Horror in 3D has not exactly hit a good stride. Piranha 3D was hilarious but far from actually scary. Now SAW 3D is out but I doubt that film is a classic. So possibly this is a studio move to just get anything with name recognition out there. Still I enjoyed the first one so much I’d like to see what they could pull with a second try.