When in doubt always know no matter how bad or good it is an animated film will always make at least some cash. Even with many negative reviews against Megamind came out to make almost 48 million bucks. That’s pretty solid, even though you have to put in the fact many must have seen it in 3D. Still that is a pretty big chunk. Due Date  though followed with almost 34 million dollars with no 3D bonus. Reviews for Due Date were not that great either but it had a funny trailer so that must have worked. In third was the film For Colored Girls(Just to make it clear that title was cut down from to original which was much longer from the play) it came in with about 20 million bucks. Pretty good since the films budget was about that much. So Tyler Perry just knows how to make hits. SAW 3D dropped like a rock which I guess was expected but still this could mean the SAW franchise could literally end… I don’t fully believe that but it could happen. The major surprise for me is the film RED is still sticking around in the fourth spot. I guess this shows people still want good action movies. Not much else to note really, next week three big movies are going to be released and that will shake up the top ten quite a bit I believe.

1. Megamind $47.7 Million

2. Due Date $33.5 Million

3. For Colored Girls $20.1 Million

4. RED $8.9 Million

5. SAW 3D $8.2 Million

6. Paranormal Activity 2 $7.3 Million

7. Jackass 3D $5.1 Million

8. Hereafter $4 Million

9. Secretariat $4 Million

10. The Social Network $3.6 Million