Tony Scott currently is working on getting people to sit their butts in seats for his next epic looking picture called Unstoppable. That film is about a train that can’t stop. Top Gun 2 seems to be that train. The project is getting pushed up fast. At first when the story started to spread the rumor said that Maverick would have a seriously reduced role in the second film, like a teacher or something. Well that might not be as true as once believed. Now it seems Maverick might be the lead in the film followed by younger pilots. If this is true this is the right way to go, I know Cruise’s stock has been dropping recently but it would simply be a dick move to limit his screen time in a Top Gun movie. My only question would be what would the movie even be about? As the world stands the American military pretty much dominates the air. War fare has changed to the point that any opponent of the U.S.A. would never use fighter planes. So who would be the bad guys? I’m guessing China since they are the new flavor right now in Hollywood, which is such a horrible decision. The new Red Dawn film is about China invading us, I’m pretty sure our relations with that country are pretty close, our economies are intertwined so why would we ever fight? I guess these movies always need to have some type of villain. Still I hope this news is true. I like Tom Cruise and he does need to have a major part in Top Gun 2, otherwise why even call it Top Gun 2?