When a neurotic but charming caterer played by Katherine Heigl and a slacker hottie played by Josh Duhamel find themselves the legal guardians of a baby. The babies parents, and their best friends die in a car crash and the two leads find themselves having to live together in their friends home. The twist, I say that lightly is that the two hate each other. The film starts in 2007 when Heigl and Duhamel go on a horrible first date and started from their flirtatiously hate each other. This opening is not strong, since moments after this we find ourselves in a very sad scene about two lovely people dying in a car crash and their baby being orphaned. That is main problem this movie has, it seems designed as a tear jerker but goes down a regular rom-com path it’s kind of confusing. Makes me feel like that mashed two screenplays together to make one movie.

The thing that keeps the movie rolling is how great the two leads are, Heigl and Duhamel are both charming and you can’t help but like them. Katherine Heigl has become to romantic comedy queen recently with many movies under her belt like The Ugly Truth and Killers. This movie though has a problem with tone. I thought this movie was going to be more about being a parent, or about people being thrown into parenting, instead it’s about two people falling in love while being thrown into parenting. I must make this clear, the movie is fine, funny in many places I just have many small problems I just need to point out. We meet the parents of the amazingly cute little girl and they both seem nice and charming and then they are quickly killed and we only know this because Heigl is told by a cop. If we spent a little more time with the parents then when we find out they are dead it might hit us harder.

The leads are strong, so strong the movie relies on them. Another problem the film has is something a lot of comedies are doing which is having annoying or pointless side characters. Here we see almost too much of their neighbors where the film tries very hard for them have more edgy jokes coming from these characters since the leads couldn’t say them. Also one character that bothered me beyond my limits, who also was used as a comedic plot device was a young social worker. Of course she shows up at the worst time and then at the end she for no reason at all follows Heigl to the airport in an important ending scene that was for me ruined by her presence. I hate these types of characters, it just felt like the movie was trying too hard for the minor characters to be funny and they just weren’t.

The pluses though should not be ignored, the leads are great, the little girl is amazing. When the movie becomes honest and gets down to being sweet the film becomes very lovable. I just wish they picked a road to go down, felt like two or three movies in one. The cute moments are later washed over with “comedic” moments and then when romance happens they do not let the characters settle, they try and push another joke in our face. A little more balance and this movie would have been really strong, as of right now it’s charming with some good acting. Oh well. Katherine Heigl is here to stay though, the girl certainly rocks movies like this one.

Rating: 5/10