Cameron has announced that he is for sure working on the two sequels to his uber hit Avatar next. Not sure what to believe here, James Cameron has been connected to like four different projects already. Which include a Cleopatra film and a documentary about the rain forest. This news though makes sense since Avatar is a cash cow and getting started on the sequels just makes sense. Unlike other properties people may forget or loose interest in Avatar over a while. So what exactly will these movies even be about? The war between the company’s armed forces and Pandora’s entire animal population has been done, unless they expand on that war. Cameron has mentioned the idea of exploring Pandora’s ocean, okay that will look cool but what will the plot be? I guess this is good news, it’s real good news for Fox they have a tent pole release now coming up in their future. Still I guess I’m excited for these movies, the first one was an experience for me, I was jumping in my seat during the final battle, I loved it. So bring it on Cameron lets go show us a trilogy that will just kick my butt!