Rumor is a studio that gained rights to Hellraiser plans a PG-13 “teen friendly” version of Hellraiser. Is that even possible? The first one still creeps me out. Saw it was younger and some of the visuals just stuck with me. Studios stop remaking these horror classics! Especially don’t make them PG-13! You already know this movie will suck now… Before a script, before production, before a trailer we all know this is a horrible idea. I hope these idiots look online to responses to this. For some reason they think opening these films up to people under 17 will somehow expand a market. Well actually all it does is isolate your fans of the franchise who will then hate on said film and give it bad word of mouth. So the film will have no legs. This move is pathetic. Why don’t studios have balls anymore? This really upsets me if you can’t tell and I suggest an online boycott before this even goes into production. Make it clear to the studios they are pissing people off with these horrible remakes and it’s time to stop.