Disney purchased not only Iron Man 3 but also Avengers for $115 million. What does this mean? All it means is that Disney will get to distribute and market the two films. Iron Man 3 is slated to be released May of 2012 even though no one seems to have any idea what that film will be about. The Avengers has a long list of actors and the brilliant Joss Whedon behind the camera. This transfer should not effect the films in anyway. All Disney gets is the cash it will get for distributing these movies which will make over a billion world wide without a doubt. This deal will not effect other Paramount comic properties like Captain America or Thor which are slated to be released next year. Not exactly the biggest story, the only thing to note is that Disney has been making a lot of right moves recently and is raking in the cash for it. This move as well, they are actually helping Paramount is a sense by giving them cash and then will market and distribute the film. Sure Disney will make a lot of money from this but then Paramount should make a profit from DVD’s and downloads will the film is later released in those formats. Really everyone wins here, will see if this works well maybe Paramount will do this more often with big named franchises. MGM should learn from this, sell off distribution rights to James Bond movies and right there then can get their funding for it.