This move is the best choice for this film. First off let me explain that I thought Xmen Origins: Wolverine was horrible. Every choice they made was wrong for the character and the movie. It went against the comics and betrayed the trust of the fans. I mean they made Wolverine into a pussy. In the comics he was an unstoppable monster and in the film they make him a man who wanted to avoid violence? They also screwed up the Sabertooth character epically and gave him one of the worst lines in history with: “Only I get to kill you”, I shudder at the though of it. So hiring Aronofsky to me proves they plan to make up for this. If they follow the comics even slightly this would mean Wolverine heads for Japan. Jackman is getting back into shape, not like he’s out of shape but back into Wolverine shape for the role. I’m sure he has a huge part of Aronofsky’s hiring since rumor was Jackman was not pleased with the final product of the first film. So rejoice film fans we won this round!