So I was watching one of the Law and Order shows… I love Law and Order by that I mean all of them: SVU, Criminal Intent and the original. It got me thinking about great buddy cop movies. They have sucked recently. I started thinking about Lethal Weapon. The first was amazing, the second a solid action movie. The Third and Fourth had horrible plots but they were still better than most cop movies to come out recently. What happened? Where are the cool buddy cop movies?

Now I love Kevin Smith, he has hands down made some great comedies. Then I watched Cop Out, it is just weak. Some of the jokes worked but the villain was HORRIBLE! The character and actor just made me cringe until he was killed. How could a buddy cop film with Bruce Willis be bad? I mean it’s BRUCE JOHN MCCLAIN WILLIS! How was it bad? So come on Hollywood make some solid bad ass buddy cop action film. Keep hearing about another Beverly Hills Cop being made but really? I have no faith that the film will be edgy or good in anyway. Studio’s should look at the Expendables a buddy action flick that was rated R and made money. So come on… Lets get buddy cop movies right again.