Hey folks some new rumors have popped up about our favorite super hero family(Minus the family from Incredibles). Some casting rumors are that Stephen Moyer from True Blood to play Dr. Doom. This next piece of news is what is exciting for me. The rumor is Doom in this reboot will be close to his comic book incarnation. Not a CEO ass hole but the true dictator of Latveria, the way it is suppose to be. Good news indeed.

Seems Amber Heard is in the lead for Sue Storm. I would prefer Alice Ever or January Jones but she works. Adrien Brody has almost been confirmed for Reed Richards. One really cool rumor is that Bruce Willis is being lined up to voice the Thing who would be completely CGI. Not really liking the idea of a CGI Thing but whatever.

Lined up to direct this could possibly be a personal favorite of mine named Joe Carnahan(A-Team, Smokin’ Acrs, Narc). He is going up against David Yates(Last four Harry Potter movies) and James McTeigue(V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin). McTeigue I would avoid due to the fact that besides the amazing intro Ninja Assassin sucked hard.

Anyway it looks like Fox is trying to fix all of its mistakes and plans to make a Fantastic Four that was closer to the comic and not corny as shit.