Finding Nemo is hands down an animated classic and that’s why the news that Pixar is planning on a sequel is kind of sad. I’m not sure where the plot will come from. Maybe they will pull a Taken 2 and Nemo will have to find his father and Dory. It looks like everyone is coming back for this which is a good thing. For me though many of these movies are so good a sequel will ruin it. This goes for UP and WallE as well. They better make sure the script is solid because I’m sure the movie will make a billion dollars but the real problem is will it match up at all with the first one. I think it is almost impossible. Still if Nolan can do it with Batman and we have seen Pixar nail sequels before with Toy Story 2 and 3… Problem is we’ve also seen Pixar drop the ball before as well(I’m looking at you Cars 2).