This film has been struggling to sell itself(so much so it added lines about The Hunger Games just to gain interest), so it basically tried to ride the Bridesmaids gravy train, it’s a shame it did that because in a way this film is way more real than that flick. Here we have Tom(Jason Segel) and Violet(Emily Blunt) who met at a weird costume party, they are a perfect couple, know each other and are generally just cute. Tom proposes to her and it’s a dream come true, Violet though is offered a position at the University of Michigan, Tom insists on turning down a prestigious chef’s job in San Francisco. Once living in Michigan he can’t get over the fact that he could be working and living in San Francisco, the relationship struggles and the engagement keeps getting pushed back.

Now I know that none of that plot actually sounds funny, but there are many small moments that will make you laugh. The fact that this movie never really treats the audience as dumb, there are some dirty jokes but they actually seem natural. Nothing really is ever forced here. Jason Segel plays a very real man here, one that is in love and simply can’t seem to see the great thing that is front of him. Instead seems more focused on where he isn’t living or isn’t doing. His reactions kind of fall flat. He grows a beard and becomes a hunter and just becomes, well slightly odd. It’s the weakest point in the film. I understand they needed to physically show how much Tom didn’t like his situation, just wish they picked something else.

Violet’s story is never cliche’d, she cares very much about what Tom wants, willing to turn down chances in her career just to make him happy. Her character’s problem is really that she never really tries to help Tom out of his funk. Simply lets him do it while she hangs out with her new friends. Resentment builds between them and it does come off as natural.

The comedy flows out from the rest of the cast, Allison Brie who sports a British accent is rather funny when she is on screen. Chris Pratt plays her husband and friend of Tom. His character is simply an ass hole, but very funny and his dialogue keeps the comedy flowing through the film. Chris Parnell and Kevin Hart show up in Michigan and add some laughs as well. A stand out though is Rhys Ifans, soon to be in The Amazing Spider-man as The Lizard, here he plays Violet’s supervisor at the University. His character could have simply been a one note jerk, instead he’s rather charming and real.

The film’s cast is the strong suit, the script seem cluttered and even though the film is strong it’s very long. The problem it also has is that it’s a story that you’ll feel like you’ve seen before. Still the love story here is very real and stronger than most romantic films that have come out recently. This movie is good, a little long, but over all worth a look.

Review : 7.5/10