This was a really slow weekend… Really slow, maybe people are just waiting for The Avengers next weekend. The number one film again was Think Like A Man as it made $18 million over the weekend. The film has reached $60 million which is really strong since the film only cost a little over $12 million to produce. More surprising to me is that the film The Pirates! Band of Misfits landed in second with $11.4 million. Might not seem very impressive but the film really didn’t have a strong ad campaign and has made over $63 million over seas already. The man behind Wallace and Gromit made this so I’m hoping for the best for it.

Zac Efron’s romantic flick The Lucky One rounded up $11.3 million after having a decent opening weekend. The film may not have the legs The Vow did but it’s still going pretty strong. Behind it was the The Hunger Games which has made enough money already lets admit it. The big surprise for me is that The Fire-Year Engagement made only $11 million. Thought this film would have opened big. It’s budget wasn’t large and I’m sure word of mouth will help it out.

Jason Statham’s action movie Safe and the Poe thriller The Raven really didn’t seem to engage anyone, because both films struggle to reach $8 million. It seems like no one really wanted to go to the movies this weekend. Maybe the NBA and NHL playoffs had a piece in this… Who knows. I’m sure next week that will all change.

Here is the list…

1. Think Like A Man $18 million

2. The Pirates! Band of Misfits $11.4 million

3. The Lucky One $11.3 million

4. The Hunger Games $11.1 million

5. The Five-Tear Engagement $11 million

6. Safe $7.7 million

7. The Raven $7.2 million

8. Chimpanzee $5.4 million

9. The Three Stooges $5.3 million

10. The Cabin in the Woods $4.5 million