We follow reporter Tintin and his dog/partner Snowy who we understand have already had some outstanding adventures together. After inadvertently acquiring a model ship that seems to be sought by several different people, one of those include Sakharine(Daniel Craig) who wants the ship for a villainous reasons. As Tintin follows the story he and Snowy befriend a drunk sea captain named Haddock, played by the amazing mo-cap actor Andy Serkis. Together they try and put the pieces together and stop a man with a mission of revenge.

When I was younger I loved the Tintin comics made by Herge. I loved them so much that I even had some written in French, not being able to read the language I just made up my own dialogue for Tintin. I was a little uneasy about the mo-cap here. Recently the technology has come off as creepy and I was worried it would ruin Tintin. Thankfully it doesn’t ruin anything here. Spielberg used the technology to make Tintin’s world come alive. Using his Indiana Jones knowledge he brought a spirit to this film that is hard to explain. The fun of adventure is the life line in this film. I will tell you right now that Tintin is leagues better than the recent Indiana Jones film. Spielberg also uses the technology and has some fun with it, everything really flows together nicely in this film.

Jamie Bell is the voice of Tintin and is frankly amazing. His voice works perfectly. Tintin is also just a lot of fun, he looks like a boy, yet owns his own apartment and carries a gun. That is Tintin! The dog also is an actual character who has his own moments in the action. It’s not annoying or eye rolling, you find yourself cheering for the dog all the way through. One has to realize how impressive it is that this worked. Rarely animal characters in animated films become anything more than annoying. Haddock is a great character and looks amazing. You can always count on Serkis to bring it hard for these mo-cap films.

The action scenes move very well, one thing I was worried about, I shouldn’t have worried at all. The two best set pieces is one that mimics Indiana Jones. Tintin, Snowy and Haddock escape his own ship and the gun fight is very impressive. Towards the end of the film there is a motorcycle chase that is out of the world. It just keeps going and around every corner something else is being thrown at you, pretty amazing.

This movie works on pretty much every level, it has action, multiple funny moments. To me a film like this is a great family film. It’s a real movie, not some trash filled with pop culture references and easy fart jokes. This film is a real treat and if you have kids I would suggest taking them to it. Years from now they may thank you for it.

Rating: 8.5/10