Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) is back in another mission where he finds himself and his team traveling around the world to stop a terrorist. This time around though the stakes are much higher. Hunt and his team are blamed for a bomb that takes out a piece of the Kremlin. The IMF is then shut down, also known as Ghost Protocol. So Hunt and his team are on their own and have to track down the man responsible for the bombing who on top of that is planning on possibly destroying the world with nuclear weapons.

I have always really enjoyed the Mission Impossible films. The first film is frankly a classic spy movie. The second one is a action orgasm directed by John Woo, it goes off course but is still a lot of fun. Mission Impossible 3 was back to form and a really solid action film. This time Brad Bird came on to direct, a Pixar guy, this was his first live action film. Well he hits it out of the park on this one. Ghost Protocol is simply a lot of fun. This film is just packed with brilliant action scenes, comedy, and just fun from start to finish. One moment where Tom Cruise has to climb up the Burj Khalifa(The tallest building in the world located in Dubai) is hands down one of the best action sequences we’ve seen on screen this last decade. Very rarely am I put on the edge of my seat by a movie, but Brad Bird and Cruise had me there and even got me cheering(yes out loud) in the theater.

The cast here is beyond strong, one thing I really enjoyed is we stay with our heroes through out this mission. The villains are menacing but don’t dominate screen time at all. Most of their plan happens off screen. It’s really nice to see Tom Cruise back in action here. Write me down as a huge fan of his. Sure I get he’s done some silly things off screen but I don’t care about any of that. Cruise plays Hunt perfectly here and the dude is an action hero. Simon Pegg plays his nerdy side kick very well. I would really love another two movies or me with him and Cruise playing off each other because it’s amazing here! Jeremy Renner plays a CIA analyst who gets wrapped up in everything here. Rumor is his character is going to step in and take over for Cruise’s Hunt. I’m down with that since Renner did a really good job here and I could see him becoming a staple in the series. Paula Patton is not only stunning but plays a great agent with a revenge agenda in her back ground. This entire team just works so well on screen that once the film ended I wanted another Mission Impossible to be in the works.

I’ve never wanted a sequel more, Ghost Protocol is so much fun. It’s pacing is astonishing, it only slows down in a couple places, when it does it actually gives us great little character moments for the team. If you can see this film on IMAX, some images in this film are stunning to the eyes. This film really shows that Brad Bird is on his way to be a go to director for any big franchise. This film has set the mark early for all the block busters. Mission accomplished!

Rating: 9.5/10