Rumors are flying around the web about how the Spider-man reboot is going horribly wrong. I’ve kept my mouth shut on the topic only bringing up villain rumors. There are some things about the remake I love, first off Garfield is a perfect choice for Peter Parker and Spider-man, he just looks right for the role and The Social Network proved he is a solid actor. Emma Stone being Gwenn Stacey works for me mainly because she is just so funny and charming. That’s what I want from the female lead in Spider-man. Also it seems they have brought back the web shooters. In the original trilogy Sam Raimi avoided the web shooters and just had Spider-man mutate to the ability to shoot webs from his wrist. The web shooters prove Parker is science nerd and opens up possibilities for drama in the action. The main problem is I think the web shooters may confuse Spider-man fans who only have seen the movies, but in the end who cares, read the comics.

I do have problems with the remake though too. I hate the choice for director in Marc Webb. I’m not a hater it’s just he makes one solid romantic comedy and he gets the biggest remake of the decade? It screams Tim Story and the Fantastic Four. Spider-man is about a young super hero, it’s not about teen angst and trying to get a girl. Okay well it is but that’s a minor part. It seems Sony is just trying to get teens interested in the film, problem is the fan base is kids and nerds who loved the comics and that ranges from many ages. Kids and nerds want the same thing, great action and villains. So why hire Webb? He’s cheap I guess and a lot of Indie kids liked 500 Days of Summer so he’ll make a Spider-man movie they love. Also I hate that it’s in 3D… Seems pointless if they are lowering the budget and trying to make Spider-man more about Peter Parker and his life, but then proclaim the film will be in stunning 3D. Why? If you don’t want big action why have the 3D? My final complaint is the stories about who the villain would be. I’m happy they are not attempting the Green Goblin and Doc Ock again. They just have thrown around too many weird options, I loved the idea of the Lizard, that should always be the first villain in my opinion. Then though rumors of Proto-Goblin have been swirling around. What a horrible idea! That villain is a B-baddie and would just make the film feel off. Stick to the original stories the comics gave you! I’m hoping for the best with this remake but there is a piece of me hoping it fails so Marvel can buy the franchise back.