January is a slow month for movie studios, it’s usually called a “dumping” month. A place where studio’s drop films they don’t have a lot of faith in. The film No Strings Attached has been getting a lot of dung thrown at it the last couple on months. Most of it unfairly of course as the film is getting dissed since this film comes out so closely to Natalie Portman’s award winning performance in The Black Swan. The romantic comedy managed a decently impressive opening a little over $20 million in ticket sales. The Green Horney managed to stick in second place with $18 million, which brings its total to over sixty million. So the film isn’t a huge flop but not a huge hit either. The Dilemma sits in third but what’s more impressive is The King’s Speech which is in fourth did not drop at all. It has made the same amount two weeks in a row. I guess the nominations and awards it keeps rounding up is helping make people pay attention to it. The rest of the list is not a major surprise. A lot of movies come out next weekend and it will be interesting to see which films will have legs. Will the award nominated films just sit around for weeks or will the new films dominate? Will be interesting to see how this goes down.

1. No Strings Attached $20. 3 Million

2. The Green Hornet $18.1 Million

3. The Dilemma $9.7 Million

4. The King’s Speech $9.2 Million

5. True Grit $8 Million

6. Black Swan $6.2 Million

7. The Fighter $4.5 Million

8. Little Fockers $4.5 Million

9. Yogi Bear $4.1 Million

10. Tron: Legacy $3.7 Million