The video game Uncharted is awesome, it’s as simple as that. The game is a mix of Tomb Raider and James Bond. The action in the game is very impressive. Then some rumors came out about a movie adaptation, I got excited because unlike other video game adaptations of the past you couldn’t fail with this one. Then it was pretty much confirmed David O. Russell was going to be making the film, he’s very talented so I got excited. Then of course came the casting rumors, and online nerds like myself became super excited that Nathan Fillion(Firefly, Serenity, Castle) could possibly get the role. He is perfect for the character of Drake, he can do action, he’s charming and funny. Suddenly like a large cock block the rumor came that Russell wanted Mark Wahlberg to play Drake, this made sense because the two have worked together, they have a film coming out this holiday season called The Fighter. Now it has been confirmed that Wahlberg would be playing Drake and the film would start filming this summer. What a huge let down! Not that I am some huge Wahlberg hater it’s just Fillion would have been perfect! Now including the confirmation Wahlberg got the role a rumor about the screenplay is floating around. I guess they plan to make a film that has nothing to do with the video game plot, something that is a little out there and different. Now I dig out there and diffferent… But what I don’t understand is why make it a film called Uncharted? Why use the character? The game has a perfectly solid plot laid out for you, one that could be great on screen. Instead they are just going to take the title and character and make a totally different movie. I hate this, basically only using Uncharted to get video game players into the seats. I now have a bad feeling about this film, the studios never learn. Look at Tomb Raider and DOOM. Instead of using plots already designed for them they made different stories, which frankly sucked. Then the movies bombed, well to be fair the first Tomb Raider did very well but the second one bombed. Still we’ve seen this with video game movies for a while now. Franchises like HALO and Bioshock have both been in pre-production but then fell apart. Mainly due to the fact that the studios just wanted the name and characters and then change the story. Both those examples have perfect stories for the screen just make them! Look at Harry Potter the closer the film makers stayed to the book the happier the fans became. Do the same thing with video games guys, the stories are strong, use them! Also give Nathan Fillion more roles we love him!