So we know only a couple things about the upcoming Superman project, first we know Christopher Nolan is producing, that’s good. We also know Zack Snyder will be directing, that’s interesting. First I love Synder’s style and I really enjoyed his vision of Watchmen. Now some rumors about the story and casting have come out, who knows if they are true at all but they have been flowing around… So lets start with…

Plot rumors: Again no one knows if this is true, just a rumor but this is interesting. The rumor is that the film would start with Clark Kent trying to prove he can help the world without his powers. That he somehow feels that Superman is all that he is so he takes his reporting skills on the road…. That road being Africa. Kent goes to Africa to report on violence in that country. Then something happens to make him decide that Superman is needed in the world. I don’t know how I feel about this. Especially for a reboot of a franchise, I think this type of story line will isolate fans. Audiences won’t exactly understand. Unless the film opens with Superman doing something epic, and then deciding to put the red and blue aside to help in Africa. I don’t know, I really believe fans and audiences just want one thing… Superman kicking ass. Superman Returns was a great film, the problem was besides saving people from disasters Superman didn’t really do much. There was no super powered villain in it. The next film will need one. Lex Luthor can always be apart of the franchise. They also need a Brianiac or Doomsday as well. This is where the story line should go. I was a little worried about Nolan’s involvement in this franchise. He made Batman ultra realistic, that works for Batman, this will not at all work for Superman. The comics were always great when he was facing off against epic villains. So I say drop Africa unless it helps reveal a great super villain.

Cast: Now the rumors for who will play Superman are all over the board. Fans want Jon Hamm from Mad Men. I do as well, he’s awesome. Problem is I guess he’s older than what the studio wants. They like the idea of having a young guy come in and help them make several sequels after the reboot. That’s fine my problem is you have a perfect young Superman… Brandon Routh. He played Clark Kent and Superman perfectly in Superman Returns. Not exactly his fault that the film didn’t end up meeting expectations. He was great and they should have kept him on board for the reboot. Now when it comes to the love interest Lois Lane the one big rumor I’m in love with is Anne Hathaway is being sought for the role. That is just perfect, I mean she is perfect for that character, if that ends up happening my support for the film will jump up to a %100.