With Marvel making a deal with the studios that as long as they keep making the comic properties they own, they can keep them. Now just so they can’t loose them they are rebooting or making sequels to comic book movies that weren’t even very popular.

The first Ghost Rider was a mess. Too simple for it’s own good. Nic Cage was fine and crazy enough. The villain on the other hand was horrible and not threatening at all. The main problem for the movie was the action. They had multiple scenes of Ghost Rider driving and melting shit but when it came to the fights they didn’t do much. Ghost Rider is confronted by one villain and he instantly kills him. No drama at all. Still I guess the first film did gross 115 million domestically and 229 million world wide, so it made cash. The film is still looked at as a failure though.

Rumor is the new movie will be filmed in 3D(No surprise there) and will have Ghost Rider melting streets and parking meters world wide. The lamest rumor is that Rider will face off against Dracula and his vampire followers. I’m sorry but really? Dracula has suddenly become the new thing for movie studios. Do these guys just sit around and go: “Okay Twilight has made a lot of money. So any vampire movie should make millions right?” Then everyone just nods their heads. Dracula was ruined by Van Helsing alright? Enough. They had a chance to make Dracula bad ass in Blade: Trinity and they failed horribly. So Ghost Rider vs. Vampires is just an obvious plow to try and get Twihards into a comic book movie. Did Daybreakers blow away the BO? No. Just because vampires are in does not mean waves of tweens will go into it. Twilight preaches directly to young woman’s hearts. Ghost Rider choking out Dracula with a chain does not.