20th Century Fox plans on remaking the Fantastic Four. That’s right the Fantastic Four. After two very corny films directed by Tim Story(Ironic since the movies lacked any real story) they have decided to move on. Problem for me is that I really dug the cast of the original movies besides Alba. Now I don’t blame her for anything that happened she was simply miscast. Some studio head thought she was the flavor of the month and wanted her in it. I really dug Chris Evans as the Human Torc, Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards and Michael Chiklis as the Thing. They are all getting replaced. Rumors are Adrien Brody is in the running for Reed Richards. I’d pick John Hamm, but if he stays free to play Super Man I’m fine with that.

Chris Evans will be hard to replace but my choices would probably not be possible. I say Chris Pine would be great. Rumor is Alice Eve(She’s Out Of My League) could possibly play Invisible Girl. That is PERFECT. She better get the part because frankly she’s perfect. Then the idea I guess is being tossed around that the Thing would be total CGI, Jar-Jar style. This I think is simply a bad idea. Hulk works because he’s off screen a lot. The Thing will be on screen constantly!

The first two films were forgettable and lame. What Fox must understand is that you can not do Fantastic Four like Batman Begins. It needs to be a comic book movie but not campy or pointlessly silly. Have Dr. Doom as the villain but make him like he was in the comic. It will work Fox trust me!