Jeremy Renner, most will know him from The Hurt Locker, I remember him being the villain in the movie SWAT. He has been cast as Tom Cruise’s partner I guess in the upcoming, Brad Bird directed MI4. I loved Mission Impossible 3, I thought it was smart and a lot of fun. I don’t care how crazy he is but Tom Cruise is, he is one of my favorites when it comes to action movies. I really dug Knight and Day as the summer pop corn flick that it was. With Brad Bird(The Incredibles) behind the camera I have a lot of faith in this movie, the guy just knows how to make a good movie. A lot of rumors had Cruise being teamed up with a much younger actor who would later replace him for future sequels. I hated this idea. Casting Renner is perfect in my opinion, dude just seems like a bad ass. If Cruise leaves Mission Impossible I’d love for Renner to pick it up alone. What a great move by the people in charge here. Really looking forward to this movie.