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I really liked X-Men First Class I though though it was a solid approach to how X-Men should be done. The story could have slowed down, but the action was top notch and was for once a comic book movie that felt like a comic book. I think Vaughn has a great touch with action films and I’m really excited to see what they do with the next one. This is also a good step in rebuilding the X-Men franchise. Bryan Singer’s first two X-Men movies were pretty good(X2 is a classic in my opinion). X-Men 3 though ruined so many great opportunities and took the focus in the wrong direction. Then the prequel X-Men: Origins Wolverine was hands down one of the worst comic book films that has come around. It got the character wrong in every way and then spit on the origin story. I though that was the dagger that would end X-Men. The First Class came around and changed all of that. So count me in as excited for the sequel.

Pixar just knows how to dominate. Every one of their movies does well. It’s because the product is so good. Now Cars 2 could easily be labeled as a cash grab by them but still it’s clear that they know how to make movies they rake in cash. Cars 2 opened this weekend with $68 million dollars which is very impressive. To balance out the kid film vibe Bad Teacher brought in a solid $31 million which shows people were down to laugh this weekend.

Green Lantern took a major dip which I guess was expected where it made around $19 million in its second weekend. The film will most likely pass the $100 million mark but it won’t be a rocket ship hit like the WB was hoping for. Super 8 on the other hand is sticking around and also reaching the $100 million mark but in contrast to Green Lantern it cost way less. ┬áMr. Popper’s Penguins continues to drop which also isn’t a big surprise as the film is being panned across the board.

The rest of the top ten is basically the same. Pirates 4 and Bridesmaids keep adding to their totals. Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris keeps making money and is becoming one of his bigger hits, good for him. X-Men: First Class is sitting around $132 million and keeps rising. Hangover 2 is so close to $250 million which proves I guess people like having a second helping to the same type of comedy. Next week the third Transformers film hits screens where everyone will basically be hoping it’s not as bad as the second film.

1. Cars 2 $68 million

2. Bad Teacher $31 million

3. Green Lantern $18.5 million

4. Super 8 $12.2 million

5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins $10.3 million

6. X-Men: First Class $6.6 million

7. The Hangover 2 $5.9 million

8. Bridesmaids $5.4 million

9. Pirates 4 $4.7 million

10. Midnight in Paris $4.5 million

Not much of a surprise that Super 8 won the weekend. Some might look at the $38 million and think that as a failure, but frankly with no “big actors” and it not being a sequel that number is pretty amazing. The film didn’t really cost a lot so I’m sure when everything is said and done the movie will be at least financially a hit. X-Men: First Class dropped to second with around $25 million and lost almost half of its audience from last weekend. Again that sounds bad but frankly that’s pretty good for a film like this. First Class is only about a million off from breaking the studio favorite $100 million mark. The rest of the list is pretty basic. Hangover 2 passed the $200 million dollar mark and just keeps gulping down cash.

Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris is doing very well in a slow limited release. I’m sure the great reviews are helping it. The fourth Pirates film also broke the $200 million dollar mark but is not exactly the block buster people were expecting. Luckily for them though world wide audiences are eating up and the film is on it’s way to a billion dollars. Bridesmaids also continues to make more money and have some decent legs. Kung Fu Panda 2 also continues to make money but has failed to meet some expectations. Still since kids can see movies more than once this film might have legs at least until Cars 2 comes out.

Next week we get Green Lantern and I’m pretty confident that will be the top movie. Will just see how much money it ends up making.

1. Super 8 $38 million

2. X-Men: First Class $25 million

3. The Hangover 2 $18.5 million

4. Kung Fu Panda 2 $16.6 million

5. Pirates 4 $10.8 million

6. Bridesmaids $10.2 million

7. Judy Moody… $6.3 million

8. Midnight in Paris $6.1 million

9. Thor $2.4 million

10. Fast Five $1.7 million

Matthew Vaughn claims his X-Men film will be a spy movie with mutants basically. He mentions Thirteen Days which is amazing since that movie is brilliant. The film will be set from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. Mutants don’t understand what they are and don’t know each other exist. This leads to violence across the board I assume. This idea for a movie has me so excited! Now I enjoyed Bryan Singer’s X-man movies. The first one is a little messy, the action hasn’t stood up over time but still a solid starting point. X2 is still one of the best comic book films ever made in my opinion, sadly his split with with Fox gave us one of the worst comic book films ever made: X-men 3: The Last Stand. That film just ruined everything the first two set up. Even the actors were obviously phoning it in. Then they made X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that was suppose to set up multiple origin films for other X-Men characters, problem is that film was just badly made. Fox tried to make Wolverine into the nice guy hero which goes exactly against the character from the comics and the first three movies. It just didn’t make sense, we’re introduced to Wolverine as a violent killing machine, an animal. Origins sets him up as a sad sack cry baby who doesn’t want to fight or kill anyone. That’s not Wolverine! So now as they try and rebuild the Wolverine franchise it seems they have finally gone in the right direction. First Class should be a lot of fun to watch, the idea of mutants fighting during the Cold War is just so cool. So go on Vaughn make a good movie please, because my expectations have suddenly gone up for a franchise I basically left for dead.

Rumor was for a little while was that a second Kick Ass was coming. The film would be based on a comic book that is in production. Problem is it’s just all rumors. No script and the only person who would probably make Kick Ass 2 is Matthew Vaughn and he’s rather busy. Currently working on X-Men: First Class and seems to be interested in half a dozen other projects. It took forever for Kick Ass to even get released. The film did alright at the box office, for sure not a bomb, but not a huge hit either. So you know the studio isn’t exactly demanding a sequel since the profit isn’t for sure. For me Kick Ass was so off base that I loved it, the violence I dug and it in a way took superheroes back for nerds. Studios have suddenly designed these huge comic book properties to be aimed at kids and everyone else. Kick Ass didn’t care for this and just went or it. That alone makes the film a fun time.