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I didn’t really respond or post much about the Golden Globes(Thought they were “alright”). I’ve decided to not stay silent about the Academy Awards though. I’ll be going over the larger categories, listing the nominations and giving thoughts. This is my first year doing this hopefully you’ll be coming here for years and commenting on how wrong I am.

BEST PICTURE: The Artist, The Descendants, The Help, The Tree of Life, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, War Horse, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I’m actually rather surprised by this list and delighted all at the same time. Hugo is really gaining a lot of steam this awards season. I personally loved The Artist and Moneyball, War Horse deserves to be there. The Tree of Life making it is a surprise along with ELAIC which hasn’t really been making any headlines recently. If I had to guess though this is between the Artist and The Descendants, don’t be surprised if Hugo wins though.

BEST ACTOR: George Clooney(The Descendants), Brad Pitt(Moneyball), Jean Dujardin(The Artist), Damien Bachir(A Better Life), Gary Oldman(Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy).

Wow! Now this is full of surprises. No Leo, no Fassbender(which is a Shame… Get it? The movie he was in was called Shame… I’ll move on) but Damien Bachir and Gary Oldman are in there, they both really deserve it. I really dug Brad Pitt in Moneyball but I don’t think he stands a chance. I think it’s a race between Dujardin and Clooney. I hope Dujardin wins, but I think Clooney is bringing it in.

BEST ACTRESS: Glenn Close(Albert Nobbs), Viola Davis(The Help), Rooney Mara(Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Meryl Streep(The Iron Lady), Michelle Williams(My Week with Marilyn).

This is rather interesting because how close this will be. The Globes copped out by placing Michelle Williams in the “Musical or Comedy” actress role but they couldn’t do that here. All Streep does is win so you have that. Viola Davis made a huge impression in The Help. Glenn Close played a chick who is so ugly she can pull off being a man. Any other year and that wins the award for you. Michelle Williams deserves this one but Mara is going to get over looked which is a real shame. That was such a hard and daring role. I just hope the Academy members realize that Streep has won before, like a lot, so let someone else get a trophy.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Kenneth Branagh(My Week With Marilyn), Nick Nolte(Warrior), Jonah Hill(Moneyball), Max von Sydow(Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), Christopher Plummer(Beginners).

Well to start off it will probably be Plummer. Love that Nick Nolte got the nomination for a role most over looked, hell the movie “Warrior” got over looked by most of America(Check it out you won’t be let down). I don’t get why Jonah Hill keeps getting nominations, he didn’t really bring anything to that role. I just feel like this is people trying to push him as a real actor, hard to do that when your upcoming movie is the “21 Jump Street” remake. For me Branagh should win, but I don’t think he will.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Berenice Bejo(The Artist), Melissa McCarthy(Bridesmaids), Janet McTeer(Albert Nobbs), Octavia Spencer(The Help), Jessica Chastain(The Help).

Octavia Spencer is getting this even though it should be Berenice Bejo(Who should be in the “Best Actress” category). Sad to see Melissa McCarthy here though. Mainly because she doesn’t belong and it’s obvious this was done as a ratings booster. Try and get people who love this movie to check out if she wins. She won’t but come on really? She was funny but… Come on!

BEST ANIMATED FILM: Rango, Chico and Rita, A Cat in Paris, Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots.

Doesn’t this list seem fake? It just is weird first off not seeing a Pixar movie here. Seeing anything with a “2” in it is weird. One of the films is called Puss in Boots. I loved Rango so I hope it wins but for the comedy of it I hope Boots takes home the trophy.

BEST DIRECTOR: Michel Hazanavicius(The Artist), Alexander Payne(The Descendants), Martin Scorsese(Hugo), Woody Allen(Midnight in Paris), Terrence Malick(The Tree of Life).

Well there is a lot of talent there. The list is simply perfect. To me it should be Hazanavicius. Will probably be Payne. Glad Woody Allen got on there and especially Terrence Malick. Wouldn’t be too surprised though if Scorsese came out on top here.

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Nat Faxon, Alexander Payne(The Descendants), Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian(Moneyball), John Logan(Hugo), George Clooney and Grant Heslov(Ides of March), Bridget O’Connor and Peter Straughan(Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy).

Yes I’m doing the scripts… Because I write scripts as a hobby. Anyway this is going to the Descendants but I think Moneyball should get it. Ides of March was also a very well done script but I think with the political tone going on right now it won’t get a lot of votes.

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Woody Allen(Midnight in Paris), Michel Hazanavicius(The Artist), Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo(Bridesmaids), JC Chandor(Margin Call), Asghar Farhadi(A Separation).

Saved the best for last! This is a stacked category. The Artist of course should get it but I really believe this will be the place where Bridesmaids gets one as a “see we’re cool” item for the Academy. It’s nice to see Chandor and Farhadi make the list but I don’t think they stand much of a chance.

Well there it is… Some of the nominees and my responses. I look forward to the show it’s like the Super Bowl for movies and I love every second of it.

Weekend Box Office: Sept. 2-4th

Rarely do films control the top spot for more than two weeks in a row. Inception did it and is pretty much on a lot of people’s “classic” list. Well The Help has now done it. Kind of a surprise since the film wasn’t exactly highly marketed. Word of mouth is spreading obviously, it deserves all the praise and the fact so many people are seeing it I think is a good thing. We as an American audience should support films like this. To me the bigger surprise is the film that landed in the second place, a film that had very to almost no major advertising, The Debt almost made $10 million over the weekend which is rather impressive. Apollo 18 a film that was trying very carefully to not show too much in its trailers, guess it worked, it landed in third almost $9 million.

The rest of the box office was pretty average, Shark Night 3D eat up almost $9 million bucks. Rise of the Planet of the Apes continued to add to it’s total and is a clear hit and probably one of the more surprising one’s over the summer. Colombiana and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark also added some more cash to their totals but aren’t exactly lighting up the box office. Not much of a surprise but Fright Night and the Conan: The Barbarian remake were quickly bounced from the box office. Maybe Hollywood will slow the remakes down a bit from here on. Here is the list…

1. The Help $14.2 million

2. The Debt $9.7 million

3. Apollo 18 $8.7 million

4. Shark Night 3D $8.6 million

5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes $7.8 million

6. Colombiana $7.4 million

7. Our Idiot Brother $5.2 million

8. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark $4.9 million

9. Spy Kids 4 $4.6 million

10. The Smurfs $4 million

This happens very rarely but the movie that opened at #2 last week took the top spot this week. That film was The Help… Which I reviewed here and loved . Not surprising at all to see that word of mouth is pretty strong for this film. It made about twenty million over the weekend and brought its total to about $70 million. Rise of the Planet of the Apes added to it’s total and landed in the second spot a little over $16 million. That movie is also riding on good word of mouth and is making serious bank… Don’t be surprised to see more Apes movies in the future.

The more surprising thing is that this weekend could be named “death to remakes” as both the Conan and Fright Night remakes failed to make a big splash in the box office. I blame this to two thing, remake backlash and horrible marketing. Conan remake made around $10 million while Fright Night struggled to get seven. An even bigger surprise is the Anne Hathaway romance film One Day landed in the ninth spot with only $5 million bucks. Now reviews have been horrible for the film so I guess it proves that movie reviewers still matter these days.

Over all this was considered the last weekend of the summer movies. Next week some interesting films open up but the summer movie season is frankly over. A lot of lessons have been learned but the most important one was that people love going to the movies. There were very few flops as most movies made decent cash and we had some major block busters on top of that. Here is the list…

1. The Help $20.5 million

2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes $16.3 million

3. Spy Kids 4… $12 million

4. Conan the Barbarian $10 million

5. The Smurfs $8 million

6. Fright Night $7.9 million

7. Final Destination 5 $7.7 million

8. 30 Minutes or Less $6.3 million

9. One Day $5.1 million

10. Crazy Stupid Love $4.9 million

Movie Review: The Help

When dealing with racism Hollywood has always had an issue with it. Usually they always show it in some sort of over the top or overly violent way. We’ve seen movies attempt it and fall flat on its face(Crash, don’t start that movie didn’t deserve any awards, especially an Oscar). Here the movie has a very real look at what racism was like in the late fifties and early sixties. The movie isn’t about racism really it’s about love and losing one’s you care about, yet the cloud of racism is there and the mix is what makes this movie a classic.

Emma Stone plays Skeeter Phelan, a young Mississippi socialite, returning home from college. It becomes clear to her that the under current of racism is strong is Jackson and how the maids or “help” are treated. She decides to write a book telling their stories. At first only Aibileen(Viola Davis) a middle-aged woman who recently lost her son. The family she works for has a daughter that she has become very close to. After seeing her friend Minnie(Octavia Spencer) being mistreated she decided to help Skeeter write her book.

The movie’s plot is somewhat basic but there are more than half a dozen touching moments. This movie is about the characters and showing what the South was like during the time period. Viola Davis is amazing here, she basically hits a grand slam every time she is on screen. Her character is quiet, but so lovely that when she is hurting you can’t help but get emotional. Davis will be nominated for best actress come Oscar time, and as of right now I think she should win. Emma Stone isn’t exactly the star here, her character goes missing for several large chunks of the movie. I know she’s focused on in the trailers and posters but this movie isn’t really about Skeeter, but when it is, Stone is perfect. So far she hasn’t really been given a role with this much range. Skeeter’s connection to the woman who raised her is so touching, I won’t spoil anything but there is a scene in the end where Stone shows such range of emotion it’s hard to not be impressed. It also must be noted that Bryce-Dallas Howard plays hands down one of the most racist characters I’ve seen in a while. The role seems basic, but would be very hard to play and pull off as real, she does a good job and you can’t help but hate her character as the film goes on.

I was surprised to be so impressed by this film, it should have been slow, but it’s not. It should have been cliche, but it barely ever touches it. The film is beautiful and filled with such great performances that ignoring the film should be a crime. The movie also does a good job at not being over the top at all. It could have simply pulled the “white people are bad” card and it never does. I suggest those with older kids see this movie. The themes are important and also it’s a good historical lesson about how people were treated in this country. What blows my mind is the 60’s were really not that long ago. Do yourself a favor and see this movie. I can’t put it more simply than that.

Rating: 9.5/10