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Weekend Box Office Dec. 10-12th

Many will not be surprised that Narnia opened at the top this week but what may surprise people is that the numbers it grabbed were not as impressive as films in the past. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader opened with 25 million this weekend. Now that is not a number to ignore but many through this film could possibly have opened with over fifty million. Now there are a lot of reasons for this, first off competition is very high. Also the trailers for this film were horrible, I have no idea what was going on in them. There was a dragon, then a shot of the boat, some dialogue, the lion roars and then it’s over. The plot could be anything. Fans of Narnia do not give up though since this film could possibly have major legs and make some serious money. Since the holiday season is lacking in holiday films this movie could continue to rake in kids.

The Tourist landed in second place with an also impressive 17 million. Now I think it’s impressive but I’m sure the studio is not thinking that. Johnny Depp alone usually brings in the bigger bucks, tag on Angelina Jolie and this film should have been a forty million opener. I also blame this one of advertising though, I dug the vibe of the trailers but again wasn’t sure what was happening or that engaged. I’m not saying trailer should show you everything since I hate that! I do believe the trailers for both Narnia and The Tourist could have been better. Still legs are a big possibility here though for these films.

The rest of the box office is not that surprising. Tangled is still sticking around in the third spot. With Harry Potter and Unstoppable right behind it. Will see how things all balance out here soon as the holiday pictures come out. With movies like Tron: Legacy and True Grit coming out around the X-mas days I’m confused about what people are going to go see. That is why films like Narnia, Tangled and even The Tourist should be able to bring some more cash.

1. Chronicles of Naria: Legend of the… $24.5 Million

2. The Tourist $17 Million

3. Tangled $14.6 Million

4. Harry Potter and the… $8.5 Million

5. Unstoppable $3.8 Million

6. Black Swan $3.3 Million

7. Burlesque $3.2 Million

8. Love and Other Drugs $3 Million

9. Due Date $2.5 Million

10. Megamind $2.5 Million


Weekend Box Office Dec. 3-5th

I didn’t notice until now, only one movie came out this last weekend. That movie was the crazy looking film called The Warriors Way(A review will be coming). So box office numbers were down, actually it’s one of the worst weekends we’ve seen this year. Not surprising though is that this weekend was simply trying to see which film would have better legs, well Tangled won that battle. The film debuted at #2 last weekend but won this weekend with over twenty million bucks. Now mind you the 3D charge might have helped a lot. Harry Potter landed in second and just added to it’s already impressive tally. Unstoppable actually has also proven it has some major legs while that film remained in third. Everything else played out pretty much as expected, Warrior’s Way landed in 9th with over three million dollars. It’s sad for me to see Faster drop like a rock, I want more action movies, especially action movies with the Rock in them. Oh well I guess the movie came out at the wrong time, I mean a revenge flick coming out on Thanksgiving? Here is the list…

1. Tangled $21.5 Million

2. Harry Potter and the blah blah $16.7 Million

3. Unstoppable $6.1 Million

4. Burlesque $6.1 Million

5. Love and Other Drugs $5.7 Million

6. Megamind $5 Million

7. Due Date $4.2 Million

8. Faster $3.8 Million

9. The Warrior’s Way $3.1 Million

10. The Next Three Days $2.7 Million

Weekend Box Office Nov. 26-28th

This week was a lot closer then I think many had expected. Sure Harry Potter was #1 again but Disney was not far off with Tangled doing way better than expected. Besides those two teams the rest of the box office was pretty much a let down for studios. Films with a lot of attention placed on them failed to pull people away from the two family films. Burlesque, Love and Other Drugs and Faster all kind of made “meh” amounts of money. To me this is actually a bad sign since the second and third spot went to two animated films that are backed up by 3D. One could say the 3D extra charge helped a lot of these movies up the amount of money they made. It will be interesting to see what will happen the next couple of weeks. The only movie coming out next week is the Warrior’s Way which I highly will dominate the box office. That means a lot of these other films have time to grow some legs. So will see how word of mouth might some of these movies at the bottom maybe make a push. The one thing that should also be noted is that Deathly Hallows Part 1 has made 220 million dollars so far, that is before the x-mas holiday… Holy @$%#.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 $50.3 Million

2. Tangled $49.1 Million

3. Megamind $12.9 Million

4. Burlesque $11.8 Million

5. Unstoppable $11.7 Million

6. Love and Other Drugs $9.9 Million

7. Faster $8.7 Million

8. Due Date $7.3 Million

9. The Next Three Days $4.8 Million

10. Morning Glory $4 Million

With the film Princess and the Frog failing to inspire audiences Disney has decided that they will no longer make films with Princesses in them. They want to change the image of how Disney shows women in their films. First off there hasn’t been a real Princess movie, the style has changed most of the films with these types of characters had the princesses being rebels or some other twist to the story. I assume Disney announced this just to make themselves look better. They claim they plan to have better characters made to for women, that’s great, that’s the way it should be but you don’t have to ban princess’s. Mind you I highly doubt Disney will ignore their previous princess characters, can you imagine little girls finding out Cinderella isn’t at the theme park? It would be chaos. Interesting they made this announcement since they basically barely ever made movies with a princess in them. I guess the new film Tangled is their last hoorah when it comes to the princess story. No big loss but I doubt this will be the last with a princess in it for them. I just think Disney wants to make it clear they plan on making many films with pro-female characters.