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Movie review: Just Go With It

The title JUST GO WITH IT is interesting since the movie is basically saying this to you as it steals your cash. As if it knows it’s screen play doesn’t exist and the actors are only going to half try. Anyway I’ll start with how confused I am by Adam Sandler and his movie choices. He will be in a hilarious and almost brilliant film like The Wedding Singer, Anger Management and Happy Gilmore. Then he can be serious and down right subtle in Punch Drunk Love and Funny People. In between these films though he will star in horrible unfunny pieces of trash. Sadly Just Go With It is in the second category. Sandler plays Danny a middle aged plastic surgeon who after having a horrible wedding day twenty years back, uses that wedding ring he got to nail chicks in bars. Then one day meeting a girl ┬ánamed Palmer played by Brooklyn Decker he actually decides not to do his usually schtick. Problem is she finds the ring anyway, so instead of telling the truth he makes up a fake family. He uses his assistant Katherine, played by Jennifer Anistion to play his ex-wife and uses her kids to fake that they are his kids. They do all of this just so he can get laid by Brooklyn Decker…. Right.

The problems with this movie are almost over whelming so I will just target a couple of them. First the movie is just not funny. The film uses over the top gags to try and create laughs. The only reason Danny is a plastic surgeon is so they could have a woman come in with a high eye brow, another woman with a flat implant… All these jokes are not connected to the story just goofy side bits. Also a side character humps a sheep back to life… Yes… I won’t even explain why this happens. Most of the actual jokes fall flat and then the rest is Sandler doing his usual gags which just don’t work here. Another issue I had with the film is that sixty percent of the film is set in Hawaii. I hate when “comedies” just set films in these beautiful locations only because you know the cast just wanted to hang out there while filming. The only time this has ever worked was the amazing Forgetting Sarah Marshal. Actually now bringing this film up, all this movie does is try to rip that film off. The style and way the film is edited is very much like Marshal, but instead of laughing you just stare at the screening asking yourself why you’re there.

Now to defend this movie is that the actors involve try to make it work. Aniston is the best, she is very charming and funny that you try and love her but the script just fails her and us the audience over and over. Brooklyn Decker’s first time on screen isn’t bad, she works here, sadly though she was made into “eye candy” too easily. Her character is too paper thin and the film just gives up and struts here around in a bikini as if waving the white flag the director said “I give up just show her half naked a lot”. Nick Swardson, who is generally funny but was given a horrible character who forces himself into a Hawaii trip for really no reason. It’s as if the movie even just shrugged it’s shoulder and said “Just go with it…. Who cares?”. Well I don’t care. These comedies that half try are the worst. I’m sure this movie will make buckets of cash which is fine but it really doesn’t deserve it. The best part is the ironic title. Avoid this film at all costs and if you must see it, wait for DVD so you can stop it whenever you like or fast forward through some of the cringe worthy “comedy” bits.

Rating: 1.5/10

What happened to Natalie Portman? To me she always seemed a little stiff or cold. Her work in the Star Wars prequels had no life to it(might not have been her fault). Yet she has hit this year with a shot of life. Her performance in The Black Swan has made her a shoe in for a Academy Award and now she just lets herself go and shows us a funny side in this film. Ashton Kutcher to his credit is very charming and he does have comedic timing. His character here isn’t very layered, he plays Adam who is a super nice guy who has a nice job, his only problem is that he wants to be a writer and can’t get his foot in the door. His only real dilemma in the movie is his air head British ex-girl friend starts sleeping with his dad. Still Kutcher does what he has to and is so charming in some scenes you can’t help but like him. The real star though is Portman who amazingly lands most of the laughs in the film. Her character is an uptight, she likes to keep emotion out of her life. Her career as a doctor allows her to ignore trying to start relationships. Even her friends and room mates don’t seem that close to her. So when these two finally come together things get a little complicated.

A big surprise is that this movie is made by Ivan Reitman, yes the man who made Ghostbusters. The films vibe is interesting, Kutcher and Portman are not life long friends who decide to sleep together, instead they run into each other every decade or so and finally decide to do it. The movie is raunchy in language more than actual sex. A couple scenes of half naked Kutcher and Portman, but besides one scene the sex in the movie is more referred to more than seen. I’m sure that will disappoint some but the film is more about people getting over self inflicted walls and learning to be with people they never thought was possible.

It must seem like I loved this movie, don’t get me wrong it is charming but has loads of problems. Kutcher and Portman just work together and are both great in the rules given to them. Sure the film is also a watered down When Harry Met Sally but as for rom-coms it is one of the better one’s we’ve had in a while. Still the film has issues, mainly the supporting cast, a lot of the friend characters to the two leads have witty lines that fall flat. The movie seemed slightly influenced by movies like Funny People and Knocked Up, basically the Judd Apatow formula. That’s when you just let side characters have over the top lines for laughs while the main characters can stay basic and more real to the audience. Here it just happens way too many times where the dialogue is forced and the laughs just don’t come. Still the movie powers through all of this and stays away from predictable and the eye rolling that comes from most general rom-coms. This also confirms that Natalie Portman is a stand out actress and pretty damn funny. “You look like a pumpkin bitch!”… You’ll understand when you see it.

Rating: 7/10