The book World War Z was a huge hit. The concept is pretty much something every nerd has through about, the military fighting against a wave of zombies. In every movie/show we see the aftermath of the zombie uprising. Always see empty tanks and dead soldiers. World War Z would basically show us the battle. Brad Pitt was ready to produce and star, but now the rumor is the studio is getting cold feet. This is due to a new trend in Hollywood which is basically ruining everything. The studios only will throw money at big time sequels or remakes. Sequels makes sense to me but the amount of remakes is starting to become pathetic. So any movie that has any vision or even threatens to be rated R is suddenly in danger. This new trend in Hollywood that originally started in the 90’s where the pencil pushers somehow silenced the artists. Now we rarely get big time R rated films and now we rarely ever get original content. Now World War Z is even based off a book and zombies are in right now and they still won’t give funding to this thing? It’s pretty pathetic and where can we start a revolution against the people running these movie studios these days? Things need to change so we can get better movies and not just watered down flicks for teens.